F1 2013 Review: Earns Pole Position

F1 2013 Review: Earns Pole Position

F1 2013
PC/Steam (Also on 360, PS3)

It’s time to drive back into the intensity and fast moving action of F1 racing. F1 2013 returns with the same high volume stress levels that we all have to manage while driving throughout a deep and realistic racing sim. This also means players once again need to be ready to be perfect on each and every turn while maintaining their endurance throughout a lengthy race that can go on for quite some time. F1 2013 is here and it’s time for players to get into position.

New to the game this year is a classics mode that gives players the chance to race with old cars and drivers. There isn’t a season or career mode with the classics, so players are left with only doing it one race at a time. There is an option to race on both classic and current tracks so that players can get a wide experience with their past favorite vehicles and drivers. There is also a time attack and scenario mode that can eat up plenty of time as well, especially for those who want to show how great they are with classic vehicles by climbing their way up the leaderboards. I must say that I had a great time perusing the top spot on the scenario mode, but unfortunately had to settle for second during one of my favorite situations.

Scenario mode in classics only has 3 situations to begin with, including my favorite where I have to get the biggest distance as possible from the rest of the pack while finishing first. One of the other circumstances has players starting in third with a few laps to go and must overtake both positions to win the race. I could easily spend hours working on just one scenario to get as far as I can up the leaderboard, that’s how much I enjoy them. All of them can be quite addictive and even very difficult with 3 difficulty levels to challenge.

Classics mode is certainly a much welcomed addition to the F1 series with the old cars, which, by the way, handle differently from the newer cars. It’ll take players a minute to get used to the other when switching back and forth between classic and newer cars.

Handling in F1 2013 has certainly seen some improvements over last year’s game. Players can still find themselves spinning out if they are overly aggressive, but this year’s title does a much better job at allowing the player to get a good feel for the track and being able to handle each situation. Even when tires begin to fade, I could still handle my car well enough until I got to the pit. Last year, no matter how slow I went, I would always find a way to spin out when I hit that final lap before it was time to pit. Control is a great improvement so F1 and casual racing fans can all enjoy the excitement of F1 racing.

There are plenty of difficulty settings for players to adjust as well before heading out to the track. I spent a lot more time this year adjusting them to my liking, making sure I had the best experience that was right for my skill level. This makes it easy for every player to have the experience that’s best for them. I still recommend that no one uses the brake assist as players need to learn to manage the corners; otherwise they’ll never understand the true racing experience that F1 offers. Being able to understand my vehicle and the tracks while leaning into a corner is something that I have a much easier time with this year thanks to the improve controls.

Steering back over to current day racing; there is a career mode and season mode for players to participate in. Career gives the full in-depth experience while seasons mode cuts things down for a much quicker progression. The more casual fan may appreciate the seasons mode with the shorter laps and simpler set-up. However, it’s the career mode where the real experience is with the intensely drawn out races that has the players trigger finger hurting midway through a race. This is where the true excitement is every year in the F1 series.

It all comes back to the handling of the vehicles which is what makes F1 2013 stand out far more than last year’s version. I’m having so much fun this year doing practice runs before the big race and putting up qualifying times. I love every little bit of it from the strategy and intensity to the excitement that follows with the final few laps of a race. I still get nervous on my final few laps, too. Whether I finish in first or third, it’s still just as exciting to have a good placement on each race.

I still have the tendency to go cautiously slow on the final lap when I’m in first, which is probably why I end up being all over the road and still hitting the edges and dirt. I tense up because F1 racing is that intense, and this game presents that intensity and emotion for all players to experience.

F1 2013 is another great entry in the F1 series, an entry that I found to be much improved and far more enjoyable than past titles. The addition of classics mode makes it even more special and worthy of the experience. This is a game that all F1 fans and even general racing enthusiasts should check out.

Go to track!

Score: 9/10

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