Battlefield 4 Beta Unleashes Players Upon A New Warzone

Battlefield 4 Beta Unleashes Players upon a New Warzone

The Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta kicked off on Tuesday and I’ve spent a lot of time running down its streets, flying across its skies, and hopping from one roof top to the next. I spend most of my time playing conquest, which has the 5 zones for teams to capture. The beta map is huge, as it should be for conquest, and it’s definitely a worthy map to have Battlefield fans get their first taste of action on.

Battlefield 4 gives players that familiar sense of fast-pace action where players must always be watching their back, especially in a game of Domination. Check out the video below! (Note: It’s still domination, but it’s not the full round video I had planned on sharing. I accidently deleted that one and uploaded this one instead…)

Some of my best moments so far were jumping off the large building as it came falling down, parachuting alongside it and then landing in the rubble by the flag to capture the zone. However, as long as the building stays standing, it really is an ideal central location to hold down for a great battle. Whoever holds the central position can usually control the outcome of each round. It really is a lot of fun to spawn on top the building and then parachute down to one of the other four zones. Even though the other four zones are some distance away, once players open the parachute from high up they’ll be able to glide their way to each location.

One of my other favorite moments was one that just simply returned me to the battlefield. It’s such chaos that goes on while playing domination that so often players turn a corner and run into an enemy. I smiled when an enemy tried to knife me quickly but I was fast enough at pushing my counter-attack button that I got him instead. Welcome back to Battlefield, folks! It’s fast, intense, and still so very addictive with its exciting action.

Clearly, by watching the conquest video, you’ll notice how much I like to just mess around on the map. Of course I did most of that to give you an idea of what’s possible on the map and how far you can glide when parachuting off the building. You also see how exciting it is to just jump straight down and take an elevator ride up to do it all over again. Check out my randomness play in the video below.

For those PC gamers who are getting ready for the big day on Friday when the beta opens up for everyone, make sure you download the latest drivers for your graphics cards. My GTX 770 was worthless running the Battlefield 4 beta without the update. Also, note that it’s the 331 beta update that the game requires and not the 327 that the GeForce Experience app says is current. Once I finally updated my drivers I was able to enjoy the experience a little bit better, but it was still somewhat choppy at times.

I switched over to my AMD system (also requires driver update) which ran the beta much smoother than my PC with the GTX 770. That’s also the computer I used to record the videos since my experience was much better on it.

The Battlefield 4 beta is sure to keep players entertained, especially fans of the series. It doesn’t feel much different in terms of gameplay, but it sure does look nice and features a wonderful map to engage in battle on. Be sure to check out the battlefield that it offers on PC, 360, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Keep an eye out for future coverage as we’ll be covering the game more thoroughly once it nears release.


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