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Interview: Lauren from Urban Bloom

Interview: Lauren from Urban Bloom


by Emma Loggins

New York City-based Urban Bloom’s jewelry line is all about innovative color combinations and meticulous artistic construction. Urban Bloom’s beautifully arrange collection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings have been catching the eye of consumer publications such as Seventeen magazine since the brand’s opening in 2006.

How did you first start the Urban Bloom collection?

Urban Bloom started in Fall 2006 but my first jewelry company began in 2003.

How would you describe your line?

Feminine with a bit of an edge.

You’re based out of New York City, which is a place so full of everything! Do you find that the city itself inspires you or affects your designs?

Absolutely! Sometimes the influences get as specific as the particular neighborhood. Almost like the Bond no. 9 fragrances. When I lived in a young, artsy part of Brooklyn, I was definitely more experimental with bold colors and trendy styles. For the past year I’ve lived in a quiet area of Manhattan so I’m leaning towards neutral colors, versatile/sophisticated styles, precious metals, etc.

Do you have any other inspirations the influence your line?

Romantik Art Nouveau, damask prints and patterns, nature.

Where do you find the beautiful beads and charms that you use in your collection?

The usual sources are online but I also find a fair amount at bead shops. Sometimes when friends travel they bring me back strands. I try super hard to find elements that are completely unique.

What is the design process like for you in creating a piece?

Usually, I have a design already in mind so I sketch it on paper. It’s not until I actually attempt to make the piece that the design really takes shape.

What’s your favorite piece personally in your current collection?

Plllease don’t make me choose! It would probably be one of the Perennial Beauty necklaces. They’re hand painted by artists in Russia and the ones on mother of pearl shimmer.

What trends do you see becoming big for fall?

From what I can tell, green will continue to be strong along with links and geometric shapes. The necklace lengths are on the longer side (26-32) and nature motifs (leaves, birds, florals- all personal favorites!) will be dominant. Lots of big fancy gemstones, too.

What advice would you give to young people hoping to become jewelry designers?

Google it and go for it. I learned all my basic skills from online tutorials and then the business aspect I learned from talking to other independent business owners.

What can we look forward to seeing next with your collection?

I’m so excited about some of the new materials I’m using but I don’t want to give it away! Stay tuned, ok?

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