‘Avatar’, ‘Twilight’ Creators Top Salaries List

Who made the most money in Hollywood in 2009? According to Parade, it was the creators of “Avatar” and “The Twilight Saga” who took home the biggest paychecks last year.

James Cameron, who wrote and directed the record-breaking, $2.7 billion-grossing “Avatar,” reportedly made $50 million last year for his efforts, while author Stephenie Meyer earned the same pay for her “The Twilight Saga” franchise.

The book series has been spun off into a variety of merchandise as well as the rabidly popular film series, which in 2009 welcomed “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” ($700 million worldwide) into theaters and “Twilight” onto DVD.

Also bringing home the big bucks on Parade’s list was Tiger Woods with $110 million from his winnings and endorsements, despite the scandal that plagued him during the end of the year.

TV hosts, such as Jay Leno ($32 million) and Ellen DeGeneres ($35 million) did well for themselves, as did musicians such as past MTV Video Music Awards head-butters Kanye West ($25 million) and Taylor Swift ($17.2 milllion).


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