The End Of An Era For The ‘High Drama 2’ Cast

In the final episode of the web series ‘High Drama 2’ we witness the significant role that theater has played in shaping the identities of each of the cast members. Each person was affected in some way by their participation in theater, whether it was their career aspirations, personal development or love interests.

As I said before, I think this was a really cool for a web series. It was an idea that worked and translated to this short web format. I only wish we could have seen more – possibly even the full production.

Senior year is such a huge part of our lives, the transition into adulthood – into college and the real world. Sometimes we don’t realize it at the time, but looking back we definitely do. And watching a web series like this one, you realize you’re watching the end of era for these students. Hopefully having done this web series, some doors will open for these kids. They’re likable and clearly talented, and any kind of exposure helps.

And as a side note. As the owner of an adorable Yorkshire terrier myself, I have to say I’m very impressed they used a real one – two actually – and how well they both behaved. Very cute!

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Article By: Emma Loggins

Disclaimer: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord to raise awareness for ‘High Drama 2.’


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