Ian Somerhalder Dresses Up As ‘Stefan Salvatore’ For Halloween

Ian Somerhalder’s plans to go to New Orleans for a Halloween themed Mardi Gras were cut short when he acknowledged on twitter that he was too sick and needed to rest. That did not stop him though from attending a ‘Vampire Diaries’ Halloween party for a few short minutes dressed up as his ‘Vampire Diaries’ brother ‘Stefan Salvatore’.

He tweeted to his fans afterwards: “Despite that I was sick, I dressed up as “Paul Wesley” at a TVD party.” he then added “I was only there for a few short minutes-but it was worth the reactions I got!”

Somerhalder’s other co-star Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) tweeted a picture on the morning of November 1st of Ian as ‘Stefan Salvatore’ at the Halloween party saying “Brilliant!!!”

Ian didn’t miss the opportunity to joke about it the next morning on set when he tweeted: “Early morning on set. Paul Wesley is here, It’s always strange to hang out with the monster you dressed as for Halloween…”

What do you guys think of Ian’s costume?


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