Mandy Moore’s Upcoming Film ‘A Raunchy Swingfest’

It’s obvious through recent photo shoots, and bizarre statements indicating a personality change, that Mandy Moore is ready to ditch her good girl image: and her upcoming film could do just that.

In the upcoming movie [based on director Jonathan Newman’s 2008 short film titled Sex With the Finkels], Swinging With The Finkels features the actress participating in some very sexual themes.

Co-star Melissa George [best known for her role in The Amityville Horror], says the film will show us an on-screen Mandy Moore like never seen before.

“It’s pretty raunchy,” George says of the film. “It’s like a Woody Allen-style broad comedy set in London. [Mandy’s] so good in the movie. I love her. She really went out on a limb. She’s great.”

Swinging With The Finkels follows a husband and wife who decide to spice up their marriage by swinging with another couple. The comedy also stars funnyman Jerry Stiller and British actor Martin Freeman as Moore’s husband.

As if that isn’t enough kiss-and-tell upcoming scenes for the actress, Moore will also be getting frisky with our favorite Twilight hunk, Kellan Lutz, in the upcoming romantic dramedy Love, Wedding, Marriage.

Mandy’s decision to drop the good girl image is clearly paying off, but long-time fans disrespect the moves and move the actress off their favorites list? Or see this as a new chapter in her life? Weigh in!


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