Former Bachelorette Contestant Found Dead

A contestant that vied for the affections of Jillian Harris on the fifth season of The Bachelorette was found dead in Riverside County, Calif. this past Wednesday morning.

The body of Julien Hug was found off a highway at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Officials haven’t stated whether or not they believe there was foul play involved in his death, but an autopsy is expected to take place later this week that could answer that question.

Hug, a 35-year-old restaurateur from San Diego who lasted just two episodes into the competition last spring, had been reported missing several days before the discovery.

Recently, former reality star deaths’ have been on the rise, whether it be the actual star or a member of their family [take for example the Hell’s Kitchen suicides or the recent American Idol contestant suspected of murdering his wife in the same hotel auditions were held]. It leads me to ask the question – is this just a coincidence, or is there something more lurking beneath these stories?


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