FanBolt’s 2010 Holiday Recommendations

From awesome movies to celebrity loved products, we’ve got everyone on your Holiday list covered with FanBolt’s 2010 Holiday Recommendations! Check them out below!

For The Boyfriend

Back To The Future (25th Anniversary Edition) – The picture you see to the left is not doctored at all. This was my boyfriend’s true reaction when he picked this up off my desk. His expression changed pretty drastically when I told him that was a copy going out to one of our FanBolt members who won a contest. But with that being said, the interaction proved this is a perfect boyfriend gift! Who doesn’t love Back To The Future? The 25th Anniversary Edition doesn’t just include all 3 films, it also includes a ton of bonus features that will delight any fan of the trilogy. There is a six-part documentary featuring all-new interviews with the cast and crew, deleted scenes, Q/A, behind the scenes featurettes, music videos, audio commentary, and a ton of additional featurettes.

For The Girlfriend

Diana Warner – The Stephanie Cross Necklace – You’ve seen it on Little J on Gossip Girl, and now you can pick one up for your girlfriend as well. Diana Warner has a fabulous selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms, rings, and more. Their pieces have been seen on numerous episodes of Gossip Girl and have also adorn multiple celebrities.

The piece we’re showing here is the Stephanie Cross in antique brass with a black diamond center stone. You can choose from a list of different colors though including: 18kt gold plate, gunmetal plate, rose gold plate, or sterling silver plate. And you can also the version including aquamarine, erinite, golden shadow, montana, silver shade, or tanzanite.

You’re also supporting a great cause when you purchase a piece of jewelry from Diana Warner. For more information check out her website and learn about how she giving her time and passions to fight AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa.

For The Best Friend

MAC Cosmetics- – Every girl loves makeup. There’s nothing better than a night out with your friends when you’ll dolled up to your finest. MAC’s Holiday 2010 Collection is perfect for holiday parties and perfect presents for friends. Their lip, eye, and face kits also make fabulous stocking stuffers! And I have to mention the adorable plaid tins and bags they have for packaging this year. You really don’t even need to wrap the goodies – just stick a bow on them and go. It’s all done for you.

My favorite tin in this collection is actually the pigments and glitter one which comes in the yellow tin. MAC pigments are great because of all the options you have with them. You can mix them with clear lip gloss for a cute new color, mix with gel and give yourself cute highlights (which will easily wash out), and use them for eyeshadow or nail polish. I usually just use them for eyeshadow though. Separately they’re only 6 bucks more than a normal eyeshadow, but they’ll last you a whole lot longer!

Check out our post on the MAC Holiday Collection.

For The On-The-Go Woman

Mocha Moon – What I really love about Mocha Moon is that they have high quality products without a high price. As all women know, it’s difficult to find a stylish bag that will hold up and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. But at $59.99 Mocha Moon’s tote is reasonably priced and stunningly stylish. When I first saw the bag I was in love with how it felt. You can’t help having your hands all over it. It’s faux croc leather and black nylon. And aside from feeling amazing, it’s also the perfect size for the on-the-go woman with style. They also have a fabulous makeup bag (The Perez Bag) which would be a perfect compliment to all the makeup we listed above with the MAC Holiday Collection! The Perez Bag embodies the sassy, chic and organized woman. Created by a woman for those that understand the need to have a place for everything. With it’s removable pouches and organization band panel, it’s deceptively practical and super easy to clean.

In addition to that, they believe in giving back to the community. They have a fabulous program called Beauty and Books which collects and gives out beauty products and books to women and children in battered shelters and homeless shelters. They hand deliver their cosmetic couture bags filled with cosmetics and toiletries to these women and teenage girls. So when you buy from them, you’re not only buying a present for yourself or a loved one, you’re also helping out the community.

For more information check out the Mocha Moon website!

For The Kids

Toy Story 3 – It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, a parent, or a 27 year old like me. This movie has something for everyone. For me, Toy Story 3 was a completely relevant film as I had been going through my old toys to donate to different charities. In fact everyone I know over the age of 25, that saw the film, felt the same heart strings pulled as I did. That being said, it’s one of the best sequels I’ve ever seen. It’s so common to see stories we loved butchered by unnecessary sequels whose goal is simply to make bank. Toy Story 3 isn’t one of those films. It has a strong script, fantastic animation, and heart.

Special features on the Blu-ray are plentiful. You’ll find an interactive game, a number of featurettes, commentary, the Day and Night short (which played before the film when it was in theaters), and so much more. We’re going to have Blu-ray as part of our FanBolt Holiday Recommendations List this year as we think it’s the perfect gift for kids, families, or even 27 year olds like me. It’s got a little something for everyone, and that’s incredibly rare to find with any movies today.

For The Baby

Sweet Spud – For the cute kids in your life, Sweet Spud is a collection of eco-friendly baby & children’s apparel featuring inspiring quotes and graphics on 100% certified organic cotton. Their bodysuits feature enlightening messages from world leaders, including Gandhi’s “Where there is love, there is life.” Proudly made in the USA, every Sweet Spud item is shipped in eco-friendly wrapping that’s ready for gift-giving! Bodysuits, toddler tees, yoga pants, and knot caps retail for $27 and under at

For The Family

Disney’s A Christmas Carol – Ever been invited to your aunt or uncle’s, a friend’s family, or a neighbor’s party? Unsure if you should get a gift, and not sure what you should get if so? If you want to cover an entire family with one gift, I’m recommending Disney’s A Christmas Carol. It’s the perfect family film to get you in the holiday spirit. It’s not your typical redetition of A Christmas Carol either. The graphics and technology used in this film are absolutely amazing and mind-blowing. While, I have to admit at first I was thoroughly creeped out by the “look” of the film, I ended up just being in awe. This is one of the few films where I was actually anxious to see the special features, so that I could get a better idea of how the film was executed.

There are few stories that truly represent Christmas. A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and of course A Christmas Carol, those are the films that you simply have to watch during the holidays if you want to truly experience the season. So whether it’s a gift for your family or another family in your life – you can’t go wrong with this one.

For The Parents

Ceiva Photo Frames – When I first got an email for this product earlier this year, I didn’t fully understand all the awesomeness these frames were capable of. It’s so much more than just a picture frame. It’s really a little computer. Once you get your frame, you set it up and hook it up to the internet. Then you can upload pictures via your computer to an account which will allow you to edit photos or add little decorations to them. You can also create albums and even allow your friends to upload photos to your frame as well.

I really think these frames are perfect for families who live far apart. If you have left home and moved across the country whether for college or for work, you can buy your parents a frame and then upload photos regularly from your location that will automatically be downloaded into their frame. So your family can be with you – even when you’re not with them. And if that functionality alone isn’t cool enough for you. The frames also features channels which allows you to get news, weather, countdown calendars, and more.

Once you buy one for your parents, you’ll find you really want one too. Or if you have one for yourself, you’ll find that your parents really want one. This is the boat I’m in now with my parents after they saw mine. Hopefully they won’t read this, but this is something I’m planning on getting them for Christmas.

Here’s some additional information on the frames and what all they can do…

With CEIVA’S practical PicturePlan® photo sharing service, your circle of family and friends can enjoy an endless automatic display of photos sent from everyone, from anywhere – even by camera phone, email, from Facebook and more. You’ll receive an unlimited photo storage account at, photo customization tools, and the ability to send photos and written greetings – straight to your community of CEIVA frames – all year long. With the PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty, your CEIVA will always be replaced or fixed for free for as long as you have the service. Everyone can connect by either Wi-Fi, Ethernet or telephone line (for those without computers – like grandpa!). Members can also invite anyone else to send pictures to their frame and they get a free photo storage account at – even if they do not own a frame. Everyone can utilize CEIVA’S U.S. based full-time toll-free Customer Care line at 1-877.692.3482.

The Sci-Fi Fan

V: The Complete First Season – What’s great about this present is you can give it to someone young or old seeing as how it’s a remake of an older series which aired in the early 80’s. When the remake debuted last fall, my parents remembered the original series quite well, which was one of the reasons they tuned in. But whether or not, you’re familiar with the old or even the new series, it’s a great DVD set that will make any sci-fi fan giddy with joy.

V stands for visitors. When they first arrive on earth, it’s mad chaos. A huge mothership appears over New York City while other motherships arrive in an additional 28 major cities around the world. The visitors appear to be human-like. They know our language, bring us gifts, and even tell us they want to help us. They come in peace. Or do they? As Season 1 unfolds, we learn that these “visitors” aren’t exactly who they seem to be, and a fledgling resistance is on the rise, determined to reveal the truth.

There’s also some special features included on the Blu-ray such as a look at the V mythology, commentary, a look the visual effects, unaired scenes, and a number of other featurettes which are worth checking out. It’s the perfect gift for the sci-fi fan in your life.

The TV Fanatic

Nip/Tuck The Complete Series – Have a special girl or guy in your life that you don’t mind spending a little bit more on? Amazon has a great deal right now for this box set, and it’s only $135! I’d be asking for it if I didn’t already have it as it’s my newest guilty pleasure.

The series revolves around two hotshot plastic surgeons Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). Sean is the family man, while Troy is the sex god to hundreds – well more like thousands – of women in South Beach and later in LA. The episodes focus on a number of patients per episode as well as the not always conventional happenings in the doctors’ personal lives. From marriage woes, horrible accidents, one night stands, drug traffickers, and more – it’s not your typical medical drama.

You can check out my full review of the dvd here: Nip/Tuck The Complete Series Review

The 80’s Movies Lover

The Goonies – It’s a classic and one of the most beloved movies out there, not to mention a stample when it comes to movies from the 80’s. I love seeing anniversary releases with creative packaging and special extras to get fans excited about their favorite movies again. The Goonies 25th Anniversary Edition is no exception. Not only do you get a Blu-ray copy of the film, you also get a brand new board game, 10 awesome storyboards, a 64-page souvenir guide, and more. The Blu-ray includes director and cast commentary, a making-of featurette, and a Cyndi Lauper music video. Even if you already have a DVD copy of the film, it’s worth picking up again just for all the extras.

The Comic Book Lover

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – I really enjoyed the film despite my lack of awareness with the cult following when I first saw it. Between the film release, Halloween, and my time at Comic Con last July, I feel like I’ve seen more cosplayers from this film than I have anything else this year. And it’s not hard to see why people love it. It’s a good story with lots of humor.

The plot behind Scott Pilgrim is simple. Boy falls for girl, and girl has 7 evil ex’s that must be defeated. Michael Cera brings his normal charm to the film playing Scott, a early twenties, jobless, bass guitarist. Scott doesn’t seem to have problems with the ladies despite his lack of employment and rather disturbing living situation (er.. sleeping arrangement with his gay roommate), and when he meets the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he’s determined to win her over. This means that there are going to be some intense and completely absurd fight sequences with Ramona’s less than desirable ex’s.

Between the Making of featurette, alternative footage, music videos, and a number of other featurettes, the special features paired with the film itself will make the day for any comic book lover you know.

For the Lady Gaga Fan

POKER FACEPOKER FACE is not only the story of how Stefani Germanotta became Lady Gaga, but it also investigates the entire Gaga phenomenon. It’s the perfect gift for any Lady Gaga fan or even just a music fan in general. The author puts a magnifying glass up to Gaga’s place in pop culture and examines why she resonates so deeply across social, class, and geographic lines. At the same time teenage girls in China are replacing the saying, “Oh my God!” with “Oh my Lady Gaga!” the New Yorker is running a Lady Gaga cartoon. Every outfit Gaga wears causes a stir, every performance she delivers is one for the ages. Even in this most-jaded era, she has managed to fascinate us all. It’s a great book with a fasnating look into the one of the fastest rising artists of our time.

For The Health Conscious

Advocare – Why Advocare? Since 1993, AdvoCare offers safe and effective products to suit your needs whether it’s losing body fat, building muscle, feeling energized, or simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It’s tested for quality and purity, has patented product formulations overseen by an elite Scientific/Medical Board, has hundreds of UNPAID professional and amateur athletes, and a money back guarantee! Advocare offers a number of programs that are perfect for the health conscious to start out 2011 right! Did we mention that the Jonas brothers have been spotted with it as well?

A few additional recommendations?Joss Whedon Fan – Dollhouse: Season 2
The Mystery Fan – Castle Season 2
The FanBolt Fan – FanBolt Swag – Highly Recommend! *All orders between now and December 10th include a free bumper sticker!

We hope these suggestions help you in your holiday shopping! And if you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to share them below! Have a wonderful holiday!


Disclaimer: FanBolt did receive copies of the above products to be able to put together this list. We’ve received no additional compensation for this list. This list is our honest holiday recommendations, and not all products we received were featured.


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  1. The list is amazing, it’s great you guys put things together such as this for us members. It shows that no matter how many interviews and magazines you’re featured in, you’re always the member’s best friend. 🙂 And props to the Fanbolt staff behind you also Miss Emma [just saw a picture of the whole staff on Fanbolt’s Facebook recently]. That Back To The Future picture of Kerrmudgeon is to cute – I could see my boyfriend in that reaction! The cross necklace – very cute, not my personal style, but a definite must have for any jewelry collector or Gossip Girl fan. Now, onto the MAC make-up, in which was pulled off most department store shelves around here for price years ago – I love this make-up! Every year around tax time I splurge online, and your personal review of this has me wanting to buy! The pocketbook, I didn’t even know it was part of the goodies in a previous Holiday Goody picture posted on Twitter from you – very cute and classy! Big bags are in! Toy Story 3 – should I say anything more. Every kid needs this under the Christmas tree! Loving the eco-friendly baby apparel, it’s hard to find that around the Carolina’s. A Christmas Carol – that one is a must-have for Christmas, I’m already addicted to Fanbolt’s coverage of the DVD. Wow, once again, didn’t know the photo frame was included in the Holiday Goody list – perfect for family photos – and of course, Fanbolt prize pictures! :):) Nip/Tuck – this is the ultimate fan collection! Scott Pilgrim – is OnDemand on Digital Cable now, Fanbolt’s contest coverage has me interested, so I’ll have to send you an email with my review of that one. Lady GaGa- yes, Lady Gaga gifts will be very popular this Christmas as I too have fell victim to her overnight fame! And latly, Advocate, never heard of them, but def have to check them out now!

  2. Thanks so much! 🙂 Yes the FanBolt crew is amazing. The photo on Facebook is the Event crew (minus Kerrmudgeon)- They’re fabulous! 🙂 This list kept expanding the more awesome products we found to include. I wanted to make sure I covered every area, as it makes gift giving a lot easier! 🙂