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Home Entertainment Star Magazine Defends Britney Spears Beating Story
Star Magazine Defends Britney Spears Beating Story

Star Magazine Defends Britney Spears Beating Story


Star Magazine has moved into a new stage: defense. After their ‘Britney Spears Was Beaten’ story hit the shelves for everyone to see, Spears reps are trying everything they can to prove it false.

Despite strong denials from Britney Spears’ reps that the story is true, Star Magazine still put out a statement today defending its supposed bombshell cover story that quoted ex-hubby Jason Alexander stated and brought forth proof that Spears confided to him that her agent-turned-boyfriend, Jason Trawick, has trapped her in an abusive relationship.

“Star Magazine stands by its story that Britney Spears told her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, that her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, beat her,” the magazine’s statement reads. “In a taped phone conversation lasting for more than one hour, Ms. Spears can be heard repeatedly telling Mr. Alexander how Mr. Trawick “went crazy” and hit her, giving her a black eye.”

“Mr. Alexander passed a polygraph test administered by Star, where he was specifically asked, ‘Did you record a phone conversation that you had with Britney Spears?’ Moreover, there is information in the tape, which Star may reveal at a later date, that would be known only by Ms. Spears.”

The shocking claims were perpetuated by corporate sibling RadarOnline (both Star and Radar are owned by American Media Inc., which also owns the National Enquirer) posted a clip of the alleged recording Wednesday morning in which the person ID’d as Alexander asked if Spears was engaged to Trawick and a female voice replies, “Was that before or after he beat on me?”

The reaction from Spears’ reps was instant. Longtime manager Larry Rudolph shot down the story, calling the voice on the phone call supposed to be Spears fake, and vowing to take legal action against those spreading the vicious rumor. Her website also posted a message calling the statements by her husband of little more than two days “a complete fabrication” and promised that all appropriate parties will be held accountable in a court of law.

Adding fuel to the fire, various audio experts have since weighed in and ruled that the voice on the tape is not Spears and that the recording had been electronically doctored.

Considering the seriousness of the allegations, Star’s editors better hope they’re right. Is there best bet to release all information and let the world decide who is lying? Or just drop the whole thing, and along with it, partial value to the magazine editors trust?


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