E!’s Top 9 Sexiest Zombie Hunters

Zombies have been a horror-movie staple for decades. But the craze finally went mainstream and prime-time with AMC’s post-apocalyptic hit The Walking Dead.

Now, E! is the first to release their list of the top nine sexiest zombie hunters on-screen. The list includes:

1. Milla Jovovich [Resident Evil Trilogy]
2. Cillian Murphy [28 Days Later]
3. Emma Stone [Zombieland]
6. Rose McGowan [Planet Terror]
7. Nick Cannon [Day Of The Dead Remake]
8. Sarah Polley [Dawn Of The Dead]
9. Andrew Lincoln [The Walking Dead]

Is someone missing off the list? Does someone not deserve to be there? Fanbolters weigh in – what are your top three zombie killing hotties?


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