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Home Entertainment Cee-Lo To Sing F*** You At The Grammys?
Cee-Lo To Sing  F*** You At The Grammys?

Cee-Lo To Sing F*** You At The Grammys?


Cee-Lo is set to perform at the Grammys. But will they really let him get on-stage and drop more than a couple F-bombs during the performance of his single “F— You” in February?

“Of course, I prefer the original. I’m an adult and I prefer adult entertainment,” Cee-Lo said on the subject.

That being said, he understands that version isn’t exactly family-friendly. “But everybody will be watching the Grammys so I’ll do the one that’s appropriate for everyone, which is probably the cleaner one,” he explained. “It’s just a privilege to perform either of the versions. They’re all alternatives and they’re all equally great.”

In fact, Recording Academy President Neil Portnow said it wasn’t the Grammys that would make Cee-Lo censor himself, but ABC, which is under FCC decency regulations.

At least Cee-Lo has a few variations to choose from. The official cuss-free track is called “Forget You,” and he’s also substituted in “Eff You” and even “Fox News,” which Green performed on The Colbert Report.

Which version of the song do you prefer for him to sing? After all, it is the Grammys!


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