‘Dancing With The Stars’ Judge: No More Palins!

Bristol Palin brought bigger numbers for Dancing With the Stars, but one judge says she’s had enough of Alaska’s former first family…for the time being.

“I think one Palin was enough for awhile,” Carrie Ann Inaba stated at the Trevor Project’s Trevor Live benefit at the Hollywood Palladium. “I think we need to go on a Palin vacation for a minute.”

But why? Didn’t the Palin factor mean a lot more people were watching and talking about DWTS? “Although it was great media attention, I think it was too controversial,” Inaba explained. “I think people got confused about what they were rooting for: Are you voting for dancing on the show or are you voting for one party only?”

“I think that made it very uncomfortable for a lot of people who just want to see a dance competition. I like to keep it simple. I think it diluted the nature of the competition.”

However, Inaba said she is rooting for one duo many of us support: same-sex couple in the competition. “I want it to happen,” Inaba said. “I think we’ll have to work on some of the judging and the techniques of leading and stuff like that, but once we get passed all that, I think it could happen.”

No more Palins. Same-sex duo. Do you agree? Should Dancing With the Stars take a break from the Palins? Should the show include a same-sex couple? Weigh in!


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