Bristol Palin Bars ‘Teen Mom’ Stars From ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Dancing With the Stars Bristol Palin’s request to ban MTV reality show’s Teen Mom stars Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham from the audience has been granted. The reason? They were “cramping her style”.

That’s right fans. Though they’ve been stealing the cover stories of nearly every magazine, and even pictured alongside Palin, one spotlight Bristol is making sure they don’t steal is her own.

“Bristol Palin has made it very clear to the show producers that she doesn’t want the teen moms in the audience cheering her on no matter how much it might boost ratings,” says an ABC executive.

Palin is a teen pregnancy ambassador and has done events with Maci, but unlike any one has done yet, she is drawing the line for the MTV reality stars: stay away from the ballroom floor.

“Bristol has hit the restart button on this show,” says the executive. “We no longer think of her as Sarah Palin’s daughter or that young girl who had a baby with Levi as a teen, but rather as a young lady trying hard to win a competition.”


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  1. Oh come on! Has she forgot what got her on this show? If she didn’t get knocked up she wouldn’t be on DWTS. Sarah’s daughter or not. Her being in the spotlight was because she got preggers and because her mom is Sarah Palin. Otherwise she would still be in Alaska and still Sarah’s daughter.

    She is a fame whore, just like Levi.