Robert Pattinson Is A Good Kisser Says ‘Bel Ami’ Co-Star

Robert Pattinson is a good kisser according to his Bel Ami co-star Cristina Ricci. Ricci who appeared on Rachael Ray on Monday talked about a number of topics, but the most important topic? Lip-locking with Mr. Pattinson of course!

“He’s a good kisser.” Ricci commented, “He’s a lovely human being also. He reminded me of my best friend’s little brothers growing up. He’s just a silly, fun guy; we laughed a lot. He makes fun of himself all the time; he’s adorable…”

Check out the video below to see Ricci talk about Robert!

We can’t say we’re surprised Robert Pattinson is a good kisser. In fact, we’d be surprised to hear anything different!


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