Top Chef’s Spike: Jamie Should Have Gone Home

Top Chef All-Stars contestant Spike recently talked about his shocking elimination from the show.

Fans of Top Chef All-Stars were in awe this past Wednesday when one of the show’s best chefs, Spike, was booted from the show; and a chef who admitted to not even wanting to serve her dish, Jamie, stayed!

So what happened? Shouldn’t Jamie have gone home? “I know. It’s a sham, isn’t it,” says Spike. “Of course Jamie should have gone home. I think she spent more of her time in the bleachers than she did cooking.”

Did the other contestant feel the same way? Spike responded with: “You’re being asked to come on a show titled Top Chef All-Stars and you know how strong the brand Top Chef is so it’s an honor to go there. But then you dip out for a little splinter in your finger and get stitches instead of cooking and then one of your teammates goes home who is way more talented than you are? It’s like, what’s going on? And then we have a game plan that the worst dish would go out no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you’re not prepared or it’s not ready or this or that. Ya gotta have a little dignity.”

What’s up with Angelo? As fans know, many of the contestant are accusing him of ‘worsening’ their own dishes; does Spike think he fell victim to Angelo’s game plan? “I still haven’t figured him out. I’ve seen him after the show. We’re buddies now. We text back and forth, but I will go ahead and say he kind of screwed my dish up. Was it 100 percent intentional? We’ll never know. It probably was…[but] it’s my fault because I didn’t have that competitive spirit I had the first time around. I didn’t feel that need to become an ass on the show or really confrontational like the Spike you knew before.”

And now the million dollar question: would Spike do it all over again? “Yeah. It’s more than winning $100,000 or whatever the prize is. It’s more about can I do it? Can I make it to the end? Can I endure it?”

In response to that last answer, I think almost every person watching the show agrees that Spike should have made it…if not till the end, for at least one more episode. Do you agree? Should Jamie have “packed her knives” and gone?


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