Harry Potter Star’s Brother Admits To Beating Her

Afshan Azad, who plays Harry’s Hogwarts chum Padma Patil in the film franchise Harry Potter, had her brother admit in court yesterday to assaulting her for dating a Hindu man.

Her brother, Ahraf, 28, and father Abul, 53, were cleared of threatening to kill her after the 22-year-old actress refused to testify against them, fearing her life would be in “genuine danger”. Ahraf will likely face jail time.

Afshan was not present in court to hear the decision. A Manchester Crown Court magistrate allowed Ahraf to post bail provided he not contact his sister and returns to court on Jan. 21 for sentencing.

“Domestic violence can result, even for a man such as you, in imprisonment,” said Judge Roger Thomas.

Abul posted bond and was ordered to “keep the peace” for a year. Prosecutors accused the devout duo of confronting Afshan at the family home earlier this year over her dating a non-Muslim and refusing to enter into an arranged marriage.

“She was called a ‘slag’ and a ‘prostitute’ and left her so frightened she was forced to escape through a window,” prosecutors said.

Her father and brother denied making such threats.

Afshan had been encouraged by authorities to attend court and give evidence in what was called a “expensive and time-consuming” attempts. But the star made it clear that she wanted no action taken against them, fearing for her own safety.

Her role in the Potter franchise is her only feature acting experience—she was discovered by a casting agent while studying at Xaverian College.


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