Peter Pan Review: Same Story… But Way Cooler

Peter Pan is a tale that represents magic, wonderment, and creativity to every child. I personally adored the tale as child. In fact when I was about seven, it was the first play I ever saw at the FOX Theater here in Atlanta. After falling in love with the play and the Disney movie, I constantly found myself throwing glitter over my head and jumping off chairs pretending I could fly – thankfully never seriously injuring myself.

20 years later, I am all grown up, yet the tale of Peter Pan still represents the same thing to me. When I was invited to attend J M Barrie’s Peter Pan here in Atlanta at Pemberton Place (which is adjacent to the World of Coca-Cola), I was more than excited to say yes. I had seen all the advertisements, and I had heard all the hype about the 360 degree theater – but I honestly could not have imagined what I ended up seeing. If only Peter Pan had been like this when I was a child!

It’s the same timeless story that you know and love – but with a touch of Cirque Du Soleil to it and technological advancements that help make the story all the more vivid. You feel like you’re flying along with your favorite characters as you look all around you and see projected scenery that’s in motion. I have to imagine that it’s a surreal feeling for the actors as they are pulled up and suspended 40ft in the air and see the beautiful sights of London flying by them.

The acting was also top notch. As I was reading the program before the show I was a bit weary when I read the lack of experience some cast members had – notably Emily Yetter who plays Tinker Bell, but she was instantly a crowd favorite and came across as a seasoned actor – even better than some of the more distinguished cast members. Separately or as an assemble, there’s no question that this is one talented group of actors.

Want the technical details? The inside of the tent at Pemberton Place is lit up with more than 15,000 square feet of Hi-Resolution video – making it three times as large as an IMAX theater and currently the largest surround CGI venue in the world. The cast and audience are immersed in a CGI Neverland and over 400 square miles of a virtual London and beyond thanks to 12 projectors which deliver the 360 degree projection. Atlanta is the fourth city in the world to host this production. It was previous seen in London, San Francisco, and Orange County, California.

Peter Pan provides a fabulous night out for the family and is a must see for all ages. Whether you’re a kid and wooed by the magic, or an adult that wants to feel the wonderment of being a kid again for a couple hours – J M Barrie’s Peter Pan has you covered.

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Review By: Emma Loggins