FanBolt Heads Out To Comic Con ’11 To Cover Your Favorite Shows!

We’re headed out to the madness that will be Comic Con ’11! We’ll be on-site throughout the whole convention covering the press panels of your favorite shows. Interviews and photos with your favorite stars and articles about what the convention itself is like are headed your way throughout the week and the following week!

But since FanBolt is all about being by the fans and for the fans. We want to know the questions you want answered most from what we cover. So comment below and let us know what you want us to ask! We’ll do our best to ask as many of your questions as we can.

Here’s what we’re covering!

– The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
– Burn Notice
– Covert Affairs
– Ringer
– Psych
– In Time
– Prometheus
– Archer
– Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice, Army Of Darkness)
– Wilfred

– The Nine Lives Of Chloe King
– Torchwood
– The River
– Walking Dead
– Eureka
– Warehouse 13
– Rider Strong (Boy Meets World)

– Terra Nova
– Chuck
– Sanctuary
– Being Human
– The Vampire Diaries
– Alcatraz
– Once Upon A Time
– The Secret Circle

– Supernatural
– Castle

We’ll also be attending a number of parties and bringing you updates from them! Keep checking back for more updates on Comic Con 2011! And for live updates be sure you’re following @EmmaLoggins and @FanBolt on Twitter!

Wanna chat more about Comic Con? Check out our Comic Con Forums or leave us a comment below!


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  1. I’d like to see copious amounts of coverage for the following: Burn Notice, Archer, Wilfred, Walking Dead, Alcatraz, and Supernatural. Let me know what you can do!

  2. I have a question for Nathan Fillion, from Castle. Can you please ask him if he hopes his character (Richard) finally gets together with detective Beckett, or does he enjoy the cat and mouse game, around love, that the characters are currently playing?

  3. If you get a second to sit down with Jeffery Donavon (Michael Weston)will you please ask him what is his favorite cover that his character has played. I just love Michael’s spy covers….especially when he plays nerds or computer geeks.

  4. ok, so i have a question for the SUPERNATURAL cast 😀 Anything new to expect in season 7 from the previous seasons?

    And for JARED PADALECKI; How did u celebrate your 29th birthday? 😀 THANK YOU!!! XXX

  5. I have a Walking Dead question: How can somebody become a Walking Dead zombie? That would be pretty cool (maybe you can hook up a contest on Fanbolt) : )

    Emma – Is Bruce Campbell getting to where he recognizes you?

  6. For The Vampire Diaries:

    1. I love seeing Bonnie and Damon scenes. They’re such a unique duo. Will we get any of that back in season 3?

    2. I sensed some caring coming out of Damon, surprisingly to Bonnie in The Last Dance. Despite what he said to Elena about Bonnie at the very end, his actions spoke louder. Could it be denial?

    3. With this little time jump, will we see flashbacks of people trying to look for Stefan, mostly Elena or his brother for that matter?


    1. I was always deeply intrigued by the family legacy that ties Bonnie and Damon together through Emily Bennett and deal that kept Damon protecting her bloodline. Will we ever get more on the specifics of this deal? Has Damon secretly watched over Bonnie and her ancestors, and has he known Bonnie was a witch long time before she knew?

    2.Again, I truly love how Bonnie and Damon play off each other, as allies, ennemies or relucant friends… can we hope to see those two lowering their shields around each other more, by the next season? I would really love see that fierce dynamic getting more attention.

    3. I understand S3 will be more Delena oriented than previous seasons, but I adore the passionate purity of the bond between Stefan and Elena, so i must know: will we have at least as much SE as DE in the next season?

    4. will Bonnie BennetT have her storyline ouside the romance with Jeremy, or her episode arc in s3, like Caroline did in season 2?

  8. I actually do have a Walking Dead question – Are they going to address the Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) storyline? I just feel it was left unresolved after he stole their van and would like to see how that ends.

  9. Vampire Diaries: Damon and Bonnie are slowly becoming closer because of the connection they share for saving the people they love, perfectly shown in ep18 last season, is this going to be developed further?
    In the books Damon and Bonnie to form a romantic connection, will this happen on the show as well? please say yes lol
    Will Bonnie get her own arc outside of the jeremy’love square’?
    Will Elena wait for Stefan or will she cheat on him with Damon?