YouTube Comedian Steve Kardynal Rakes In 61 Million Views

In today’s society, kids and adults often find themselves procrastinating to several videos on YouTube. Without a doubt, I can be held responsible for sharing recordings of amusing and talented YouTubers with my friends.

Sometimes, we find ourselves huddled around a computer screen, hysterically laughing, clicking video after video, until we cannot laugh anymore. Watching Steve Kardynal’s YouTube Channel is no different. Starting with “Songs in Real Life” and ending with his performance of Katy Perry’s “Firework” in an Apple store, there is no doubt that your cheeks will hurt from the constant smiling, as mine did.

Arguably one of the funniest people on YouTube, the inspiring actor’s channel has been viewed over 61.6 million times. He first started putting videos on the Internet after creating videos for school.

“In high school I took four years of theater arts,” Kardynal said in an exclusive interview with FanBolt. “The final year of that class you’re required to be a part of the student news. The student news would play once a week in front of the entire school. So, I decided to make funny skits that were school related. Since they were such a big hit at school, I decided to upload them to YouTube.”

He thought only his friends would watch the videos, not millions people around the globe. Regardless of his increase in popularity on the web, he feels that his lifestyle has not changed at all, “I just get recognized in public from time to time,” Kardynal said.

Though he is taking classes at Macomb Community College in Michigan, he is not actively pursuing a degree.

“I simply went to Macomb because my parents wanted me to go to school so I would have health insurance,” Kardynal said. “School is a good thing for some people, but not me. My YouTube channel carries all the tools that I need to make my way into the acting business; school on the other hand, does not.”

The YouTube sensation claims that his channel gets the message across that it is okay for one to be true to their self, no matter where they are.

“I make videos where I go out and embarrass myself in public places; showing its okay to be different,” Kardynal said. “Not many YouTubers do that; none that I know of.”

Having over 61.6 million views, Kardynal earned many fans from across the world. “TotallyChase” wrote on Kardynal’s channel, “You’ve inspired me to be myself. And to not care for what other people say or think about me, because, only I can be me.”

Kardynal said that it truly is an amazing feeling when he receives positive responses from his fans. “A feeling I can’t describe.”

The witty comic said that he is unsure of exactly how he develops the ideas for his videos.

“How I come up with video ideas is beyond me,” Kardynal said. “Once I have an idea, I’ll figure out what I’m going to wear and where I’m going to film it. Then, I just do it [and] edit all my videos on Final Cut Pro.”

In his “Born This Way” video, Kardynal traveled to New York City to film it. Because it is a reaction-type of video, he felt that most places in his home state of Michigan are not as fun nor crowded as Times Square. Kardynal thought since Lady Gaga was born and lives in New York, it was the appropriate choice.

When publically shooting a video, he receives mixed responses from the surrounding crowd.

“Some people love it, some are confused, some just ignore it, and others threaten to beat me up,” Kardynal said. “I always go out there full force not knowing what’s going to happen.”

The two most popular videos on his channel are “Songs in Real Life” and “Songs in Real Life 2.” Together, they account for over 30 million of his channel views. Kardynal said the idea of these videos came from the times where he would always quote parts and lyrics of a song to his friends.

Then over time, he thought “what if we took a bunch of our favorite quotes from popular songs and mixed it into dialogue?” He received his answer after releasing SIRL. And now, his subscribers are begging to see more videos in the SIRL series. Which would explain why this month, Kardynal is ranked in the top 100 Most Subscribed Comedians in Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Canada, the UK, India, Singapore, South Africa, France, Japan, Columbia, Brazil, the Philippines and…well, you get the idea.

Despite being loved around the globe, the comedian did get in a bit of trouble for one video he filmed.

“The gym where I filmed “Steve Kardynal Does Shake Weight!” gave me a lifetime ban,” Kardynal said. “A week or so after my video went viral was when the ban kicked in. Mangers saw the video and weren’t too impressed. I guess “Shake Weighting” in that gym is forbidden.”

Kardynal ignores any criticism that is not constructive. He said that most of the criticism comes from people who envy the popularity.

To upcoming YouTubers, Kardynal gives the advice of “Don’t give up. Don’t let haters get to you.”

In the future, we can expect to see Kardynal producing more and more videos to keep us entertained and constantly laughing.

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Article By: Kimberly Gallagher


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