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Eyecon ‘Vampire Diaries’ Convention: A Fangirl’s Dream!

Eyecon ‘Vampire Diaries’ Convention: A Fangirl’s Dream!


It was a very eventful Halloween weekend in Atlanta, Georgia! The IS Foundation had its first event, and we cannot forget Eyecon’s second Vampire Diaries convention. Eyecon’s guests included Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine), Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Kat Graham (Bonnie), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy), Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Kayla Ewell (Vicki), Malese Jow (Anna), Rob Pralgo (Mayor Lockwood), and Bryton James (Luka). It was quite an overwhelming guest list, and it’s obvious that Eyecon’s attendees were excited. had the chance to attend that weekend, and I, being a huge Vampire Diaries fan, was looking forward to attending and seeing what Eyecon had to offer. From the vendors room, to parties, Q&As, concerts, and more– Eyecon was absolutely amazing.


Being the boring person that I am, I decided that Friday would be my chill day. Even though Eyecon had various activities planned (Some included a sixties party, trivia, panels, etc), I only attended the late night ‘Jessarae’ concert. I’m glad I did, because this was an awesome way to kick off the weekend. The concert was fun, and the music was amazing. I was front row having a blast, when Steven R. McQueen walked up in front of me to get a closer look at his brother’s concert. Throughout the night, I stood next to a very handsome Steven, and I can honestly say that this was one of the many highlights of my weekend. Beautifully written music, and an attractive guy by my side? Don’t get me started.


I had an early start on Saturday, seeing as they planned 9:30 AM photo ops with the stars. The only problem I had with the photo’s were that they barely gave time to chat with the guests, which is understandable. If each person took a minute to talk, people would be standing in line for hours. Note: The photo’s were clear and very professional. I’m extremely impressed with the quality.

After the photo ops, our first Q&A began. Nina Dobrev took the stage, and the crowd definitely went crazy. The Q&A was very professional, the mic went around the room, and it was very easy to get your question answered… Well, until Malese Jow and Kayla Ewell’s Q&A started. This is when it started to get a tad bit frustrating. Instead of having a mic, people would call out their questions, making it extremely hard to hear. Kayla and Malese took over, picking the questions, and before anyone knew it, the mic was nonexistent. Regardless of this, I did enjoy the Q&As. It was a great chance to ask questions to the cast, no matter how crazy they were.

Next up, the autograph session. This was one of the best ways to meet the stars. You got the chance to get some stuff signed, and you had time to actually have a conversation with them. This was another highlight for me.

After the autograph session, not too much was planned. (With the exception of the small banquet, and the ISF Event.) The last event I attended that day was the Mystic Falls Halloween Ball. This was by far the most fun I had that day. The event was in a spacious room. It wasn’t that crowded, which provided more intimate time with the celebrities. One thing I loved about this, was the fact that each star had on a creative costume. Steven R. McQueen went as a bloody patient, Kat Graham and Malese Jow went as Snooki and Deena from ‘Jersey Shore,’ Kayla Ewell went as the Black Swan, Daniel Gillies went as an grotesquely injured person, and Bryton James went as Freddy Krueger! This was another opportunity to meet the cast. I danced with Kat and Malese, talked to Daniel and Kayla, and had Steven try to put face paint on me. This party was my second favorite thing that weekend.


Sunday, AKA Joseph Morgan day! This was the only day Joseph Morgan was scheduled to appear, so everyone was excited. I was especially excited that day, because Joseph Morgan is my favorite actor.

The day was roughly planned out the same way as Saturday. Photo ops, and then a Q&A with Kat Graham and Steven R. McQueen. The crowd LOVED them, and Steven was a riot! Afterwards, there was a quick raffle and then Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies had their Q&A. It had the perfect amount of sarcasm, friendly banter, and sexiness. Lastly, the autograph session. Joseph was the sweetest man I’ve ever met. I had a lovely conversation with him. The Sunday autograph session was probably my favorite part of the weekend by far. Joseph recognized me from Twitter, and got out of his seat to hug me and thank me for my support. One thing I love about these conventions, is the fact that the celebrities show how grateful they are for their fans. It’s like a small ‘thank you’ to us.

The Eyecon Vampire Diaries Convention was amazing. I would recommend that if you love the Vampire Diaries, and can afford the prices, you should definitely check it out! I attended both of their events, and it’s safe to say that Eyecon learned from their mistakes. The only negative comment I have is that Froggy’s Photos ran out of paper when printing. This was a huge disappointment, and many people are still waiting for their photos. I’m sure they’ll be in the mail any day now, but I hope next time they bring extra paper– Just in case!


1. If you ever go to Eyecon, I suggest you go to at least one of the parties. You’ll definitely get the chance to chat with some of the guests.

2. Buy the lowest ticket level, UNLESS you plan on attending the Banquet. I would only get the Platinum (Highest level) ticket if you’re interested in attending all the parties (Free for Platinum ticket holders), and to have a secure seat towards the front. Honestly, the last few rows aren’t that bad. Plus, you can always move up if a few seats are empty.

3. With autographs, be aware that the celebrities don’t always personalize them. It’s still an awesome way to have a small chat with whomever you’re getting your autograph from, but sometimes you only get the signature.

4. Bring money! Lots of it. The vendors room is like Candyland, but with Vampire Diaries merchandise. You won’t be able to control yourself. It had everything you could think of.

The next Vampire Diaries Convention is scheduled for March of 2012! More information is coming soon! Make sure to keep an eye on their site!

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