FanBolt’s 2011 Holiday Recommendations

From awesome movies to celebrity loved products, we’ve got everyone on your Holiday list covered with FanBolt’s 2011 Holiday Recommendations! Check them out below!

For The Office Fan / TV Fanatic

The Office Special Edition – The Special Edition DVD not only has all 12 episodes from the British series along with the 2-part Holiday Special – it also has some pretty awesome extras like: The original pilot, six specially recorded introductions of every episode from Season 1 by Ricky and Stephen Merchant, an exclusive documentary Comedy Connections: The Office which traces the history of the series, and a bunch of interviews with the original cast as well as celebrity fans of the series (like Ben Stiller, Christopher Guest, Matthew Perry, Hugh Jackman, and more!). There’s also all the original extras from the series’ DVD release as well, so you won’t be missing out.

True die-hard fans of the US Office all adore this British version… and pretty much anything that Ricky Gervais tied to. I mean the man is a genius. But back to The Office, if they haven’t seen the British version, then they’re in for a real treat! It’s definitely a different feel from the American series – The comedic timing is still perfect with roughly the same characters, but the humor is slightly different. If you don’t enjoy British humor then you probably won’t get into it, but if you’re a BBC nerd that loved Coupling and other charming and witty British series – then changes are you’ll love this one too.

Check out the official site!

For The Woman-On-The-Go

The Enzo Milano Curling Iron – This curling iron is amazing! No more getting your hair tangled up in your iron’s clip and burning yourself – which having long hair happened to me all the time. You can also easily wipe it clean to avoid residue buildup, so it will have a much longer lifespan.

You may be wondering about the clipless part, and how you actually get your hair to wrap around the barrel. It actually comes with a heat resistant glove that allows you to work with your hair directly on the barrel. You want to be sure that you’re always wearing this glove when using the iron as it heats up to 320 degrees. It uses a state of the art ceramic core, surrounded by exclusive Tribostatic heat sink that controls the temperature of the ceramic device by distributing the heat and evenly throughout the iron barrel creating long lasting gorgeous curls.

Celebrities love this curling iron too! It was used on Sarah Jessica Parker’s locks in the Sex and the City 2 movie and on Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants. Even Selena Gomez is a fan! The stylists who do Selena’s hair, Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee at Nine Zero One, said “the easiest, fastest way to get soft sexy loose curls is by using a 1 inch Enzo Milano Iron horizontally with big sections. Nothing is quicker than the Enzo Iron!”

It comes with a styling DVD – which is extremely helpful for getting the hang of how to use it. I HIGHLY recommend watching this before using the iron the first time as it’s full of tips and tricks for the perfect do.

For Your Guy Pal

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – I think Rise of the Planet of the Apes has surprised everyone that saw it this summer. Everyone that I know went into this movie with low expectations due to the less than promising trailer and effects that seemed just slightly off. Yet the film itself was more than just entertaining – it was actually a really good story. I was just as surprised as everyone else.

Set in present day San Francisco, Will Rodman (James Franco) is working on an experimental drug to treat Alzheimer’s. His test subjects? You guessed it – apes. After an unfortunate incident – Will’s work is deemed a failure and the drug company decides to pull the plug on the drug. One of Will’s lab mates is ordered to put all the test subjects down, but he can’t find it in him to give the lethal injection to an infant chimp who is now without a mother. Will decides to take the little guy home and name him Caesar. As Caesar grows, it becomes immediately apparent that the drug treatment his mother received was passed down to him before he was born – making him one insanely smart monkey. Caesar instantly becomes a member of the family and takes a liking to Will’s father (John Lithgow), who has Alzheimer’s. We now understand why Will has been so passionate in finding a cure for this disease – it hits close to home for him. However, as Caesar grows, he gets into trouble, and he soon finds himself relocated to a rather depressing and poorly managed ape sanctuary. Caesar is resourceful though – and he’s going to get out, reclaim his dignity, and take his friends with him.

One thing that really surprised me with this film was that it pulled at my heartstrings. Kudos to the filmmakers on this, because this emotional connection between the viewer and Caesar and also the viewer and Will and his father – is what actually invests us in the story. For the first half of the film they want to bond you with Caesar. They want you to love him, feel his pain, and root for him, so that later you’ll not only feel like the riot he causes is justified, but you’ll also root for him. And this is exactly what happens.

For The Best Friend

tarte Cosmetics – I just started using tarte’s products this year, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the longevity of wear and that they include rich nutrients and vitamins. It’s more than just makeup, it’s actually good for your skin and helps to moisturize and protect.

QVC actually has some great tarte exclusives available right now that are a steal! There’s the tarte Eye Candy Waterproof 6-pc Amazonian Clay Shadow Wand Set ($26) – which is a great deal when you think about the cost per wand (roughly $4). I actually think it’s great to buy sets like this and split them up into little gift bags for your friends. They’re great shadows that glide on super smoothly – and there’s a little bit of glitter added in for extra emphasis!

QVC also has the tarte Precious Gems Waterproof Cream Shadow Collection ($39). It includes 4 waterproof cream shadows and an application brush. These are really great shadows! All girls have experienced the eye shadows that end up in the crease of your eye after 2 hours of wearing it. That doesn’t happen with tarte products – these products stay put all day. I do recommend using a base primer underneath the shadow though – just to help with a smoother application.

For The Aspiring Screenwriter

Screenwriting Tips, You Hack – Do you have a friend who wants to move to Hollywood and write movies? Come on now – we all know AT LEAST one! We have the perfect holiday gift for him/her!

In 2009, Xander Bennett started writing a blog called Screenwriting Tips, You Hack, a place designed to provide short, witty, daily tips on screenwriting for amateur writers all the way up to industry heavy hitters. How the blog has been broken down into bite-sized chapters that are not only humorous to read – but also really insightful with useful advice. The book provides something not only for amateur writers but also industry heavy hitters.

Here’s a sampling of some of that advice:

  • Screenwriting Tip #99 Voice-over usually feels like scaffolding. You know-something you left in there when you were constructing the first draft, but really should have torn out after it served its purpose.
  • Screenwriting Tip #120 Always remember that funny trumps everything. Your script could be written in crayon with your name spelled wrong on the cover, but if it’s genuinely funny, none of that matters.
  • Screenwriting Tip #156 The easiest way to write a kick-ass protagonist is to make them incredibly good at what they do.

For The Indie Movie Fan

Another Earth – This one of my top 5 favorite films of 2011. It’s a brilliant flick that was loved at Sundance, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s easily the best indie flick of the year, and it is a must for any true movie lover’s collection.

Another Earth is about more than just the discovery of another planet. The story focuses on Rhoda, who at the beginning of the film was celebrating her acceptance into college. She left the party drunk that night and had a tragic accident. The accident sent her to jail for 4 years after claiming the life of the mother and child in the other vehicle. After Rhoda is released, she tries to find a way to not only make peace with herself, but also make things better for John – the man’s family she destroyed.

Occurring at the same time as these events is the discovery of another planet, Earth 2. This planet seems to parallel our on in every way. A contest launches to allow a citizen to make a trip to this new world, and Rhoda enters with hopes that she can fundamentally alter not only her life, but also John’s, for the better.

For the Sci-Fi Fan

Super 8Super 8 is everything that great sci-fi films used to be. As if pulled from the era of Close Encounters of a Third Kind and ET, director J.J. Abrams pulled of a movie that producer Steven Spielberg surely was proud of – and honored by.

The first 45 minutes of the movie, Abrams is busy establishing backstories. He’s introducing us to the town of Lillian, Ohio in 1979 where we meet aspiring filmmaker Charles (Riley Griffiths) and his friend Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney). Tragedy has just struck for Joe – he lost his mother in accident at the local steel mill. Both are just middle school students, but they instantly grab your heart. Charles is making a zombie movie to enter into a film festival, and he’s enlisted the help of Joe and several of his other friends. As if referring to Super 8 itself, Charles quotes his screenwriting books saying, “You have to care about the characters. You have to want them to live.”

Hm, foreshadowing? Indeed! It’s not long after when the accident occurs, and the special effects blow your mind with a train derailment of massive proportions. Still pretty sure it wouldn’t go down (or up in flames) just like that – but we’ll let that slide (definitely watch the special feature on this after the film)! The creature is now loose – and the anticipation builds as we keep missing a good look at it. Abrams is a master at teasing audiences with allusive monsters, and he spares no expense with Super 8.

Saying anything further would have me plastering spoiler alerts all over this! Just go get it for your sci-fi lovin’ friends! 🙂

For The Horror Movie Fan

Fright Night – Fans of the original Fright Night are understandably wary about the remake which hits theaters today, but they can rest assured that director Craig Gillespie has done a fabulous job at putting a fresh spin on the much loved 80’s flick. The original film was what it was: funny, a little scary, and oh-so-much fun. The same words can be used to describe the remake of Fright Night. It’s the perfect blend of horror and humor.

The storyline is the same though the location has changed. This time around the Brewster family lives in a community development a little outside of Las Vegas. It’s the perfect setting for someone who may sleep all day… then work all night on the strip. But that excuse doesn’t fly with Charley Brewster’s (Anton Yelchin) best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). In Ed’s mind, the reason that his and Charley’s classmates have been disappearing all traces back to Charley’s new neighbor – Jerry (Colin Farrell). Charley isn’t convinced though. After all, Jerry is a horrible vampire name… if they were real.

It doesn’t take too long for Charley to realize that Ed may have been on to something… only Ed has disappeared now as well. In efforts to save his family and friends, Charley seeks out the help of a famous vampire hunter/illusionist/hot mess Peter Vincent (David Tennant). Surely Peter can help him find away to rid their lives of Jerry for good…

For The Health Conscious

Advocare – Why Advocare? Since 1993, AdvoCare offers safe and effective products to suit your needs whether it’s losing body fat, building muscle, feeling energized, or simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It’s tested for quality and purity, has patented product formulations overseen by an elite Scientific/Medical Board, has hundreds of UNPAID professional and amateur athletes, and a money back guarantee! Advocare offers a number of programs that are perfect for the health conscious to start out 2012 right! Did we mention that the Jonas brothers have been spotted with it as well?

For The Kids

Cars 2 – You really can’t go wrong with a Pixar film – even the adults love them! In Cars 2, the #1 animated film of the year, all the lovable mobiles are back – Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, and the rest of the Radiator Springs gang. They’re headed over seas to compete in the first-ever World Gran Prix, and you can expect lots of hilarious and heartwarming adventure to ensue.

Special features include all new shorts, director commentary, “World Tour” Interactive, and a sneak peek at The Nuts and Bolts of ‘Car Land’.

If you’re looking for a present for the whole family (one with little kids), this is definitely the way to go. Save Jack Sparrow (our recommendation below) for the families with kids that are a little bit older!

For The Family

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Stranger Tides – I’m a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I, like most females, find something irresistibly charming about Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

On Stranger Tides revolves around the infamous Fountain of Youth. Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t the only one in its pursuit. The British, the Spanish, and Blackbeard himself are all en route. Sparrow finds himself on Blackbeard’s ship, and after a failed attempt at mutiny – he’s not really sure who to fear more, Blackbeard or his daughter Angelica (who Sparrow may or may not have some sort of feelings for).

On Stranger Tides definitely has a different feel to it than the other films since Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly opted not to return. In their place lies the beautiful and sexy Penélope Cruz, but she’s not the only new addition. There’s also zombies and mermaids a plenty (Including one beautiful Amanda Seyfried – Gemma Ward (Wow they look similar!).

We hope these suggestions help you in your holiday shopping! And if you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to share them below! Have a wonderful holiday!


Disclaimer: FanBolt did receive copies of the above products to be able to put together this list. We’ve received no additional compensation for this list. This list is our honest holiday recommendations, and not all products we received were featured.


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