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Home Entertainment The Addams Family Review: Quite Different Than The Family You Remember
The Addams Family Review: Quite Different Than The Family You Remember

The Addams Family Review: Quite Different Than The Family You Remember


The Addams Family is back, and they’re a bit different than you remember. The family was originally created by Charles Addams as a cartoon for the New Yorker magazine in 1938, and then in the 1960’s, it was made into a television series. The Addams Family had a solid fanbase in place long before the 1991 film came out which revived the popularity of the brand for my generation.

In 2010, the family was resurrected once again when a musical based on them opened on Broadway, and this last Tuesday night, the play made its debut in Atlanta to a theater full of eager fans. A few members of the audience noted changes from the Broadway version, but overall still seemed to thoroughly enjoy the performance – even though it seemed to be lacking the darkness the family was so famous for. The morbid family we all remember was replaced with a comical and upbeat one. It was a bit like watching the doppelgangers of The Addams Family. It was a bit eerie, but not in the way that fans would expect with The Addams Family.

That being said, the play was still incredibly entertaining… and rather naughty. The writing was clever and the inappropriate jokes seemed quite witty. The performances were flawless and executed without effort, and visually it’s stunning with a parade of ancient ancestors all dressed up as ghosts (which exudes a Marie Antoinette-type of vibe).

The play revolves mainly around Wednesday. She has met a boy, Lucas, who has asked her to marry him. She has some concerns though. She’s worried about how their families will mesh together, and if they will accepted the engagement. These are valid concerns – especially for an unique girl like Wednesday. When the families do meet, it’s a bit like you’re watching the Meet The Parents version of The Addams Family. Hilarity ensues, and for the first time this family was relatable on a much more normal and human level.

Even with all the darkness, death, and gloom that this family is known for, this play provides them with a happy ending. A bit weird and unfitting for the die-hard fans, but it still made me smile.

The Addams Family is playing at The Fox Theater in Atlanta through August 19th. Get tickets while you can! For more information, visit or

Review By: Emma Loggins
Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel

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