Comic-Con 2013 Day 4: ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Orphan Black’, And Supernatural

It’s the final day of Comic-Con 2013, and it’s been the best Con to-date! We have even more amazing interviews and news for you all today, and while we’re still recovering from last night’s amazing NBC party (Check out all the instagrams) – we’re up and at it this morning!

We’re ending Comic-Con 2013 in an epic way! We have interviews today with the cast members and writers of Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Supernatural, and an exclusive interview with Once Upon A Time and Husbands showrunner Jane Espenson!!

We’ll be posting these interviews in their entirety after we return home next week, but be sure to follow us on Twitter at @emmaloggins, @rennlark, and @fanbolt for live coverage and to submit your questions for Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Supernatural, and Jane Espenson! If we ask one of your questions in our interviews – you’ll be automatically entered to win an EPIC Comic-Con 2013 prize pack! So tweet us your questions!

Stay tune for more updates throughout Comic-Con 2013!


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  1. I wish i was online during your whole experience at the Comic-con. But, that’s one thing i can’t do because of the time zone. But, i’m glad you guys had a blast, it all looks really fun and stressful. 🙂