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The AHH Effect: Coca-Cola’s Newest Promotional Campaign

The AHH Effect: Coca-Cola’s Newest Promotional Campaign


It’s called the AAH Effect – and it’s the focus of Coca-Cola’s newest promotional campaign. You know that feeling you get on a hot summer day when you pop open a can of coke and take the first sip. It sounds cliche to say it – but so many times we actually say “AHH”. The more we need a cold beverage – the longer that “AHH” can be, and that’s exactly what Coca-Cola is playing off of in their new campaign which brings 62 two different “AHH” experiences to fans.

Here’s the official rundown…

The AHH Effect
There’s nothing quite like a Coke. AHH is a great feeling that you can only get from Coca-Cola. Think of the “Ahh Effect” as the energy and uplift you get from the refreshment Coke provides…all rolled into one simple little word…Ahh.

Just try to take a sip of an ice-cold Coke and not let out an AHH. Nearly impossible every time. No matter the occasion—a night out with friends or a night in studying— the AHH just makes everything better. Good becomes great, and bad, not so bad. And that AHH effect is exactly what makes nothing else quite like a Coke.

How does it work?
Coca-Cola has brought the feeling of AHH to life in a fun way on But that is just the start. Every single URL hosts an entertaining, interactive experience that reminds you of the awesome feeling you can only get from drinking a Coke.

Sample Experiences
Bottle Rocket
Cat or Not
Tommy Lyric Lines
Guide the Bubble
Ice Toss
Pin the Tail
Manic Kernels
Flip The Cap
You Are The Funniest

So when FanBolt first heard about this campaign our interests were peaked as Cherry Coke is our favorite beverage on the planet. When we started to explore the different worlds that Coca-Cola had created – we quickly found our favorites – which ended up entertaining us for hours.

Our Favorite: AMC Maniac Kernals
Coca-Cola markets this game as a “evil popcorn trying to take over the world and only you can defend humanity with an ice-cold Coca Cola powered rocket” type video game, but honestly – it’s just a cool version of Asteroid. When you get us around Atari games – it’s going to be awhile until you see us again. Between the challenge and the nostalgia – we get lost in it pretty quickly. And even though this is a fresh take on the classic game, we were completely sold on it.

Our Second Favorite: AHH Hammer
You know when you visit those local fairs and attraction workers tease you as you walk by the “Great Feat of Strength”. Everyone calls it something different – but the challenge is always the same – hit the spot as hard as you can with the hammer – and try to hit the bell at the very, very top of the stand.

The One That Drove Us Mad: The Longest Ahh

We couldn’t not mention this one as it drove us mad – but curiosity also pushed us to keep listening for longer in case something super cool happened. How long can you withstand “AHH”? We only made it 7 minutes. We didn’t break any world records there sadly.

But another thing that intrigued us was just how long the domain name was for this one. It’s the longest we’ve seen to date – which prompted us to do a little research on how long you can actually make a domain name… the answer according to multiple sites is 63 characters (fun fact for you!). Which makes this domain just 2 characters short. But it also looks like this is AHH #61 of 62 – so perhaps 62 will be even longer.

Final Thoughts:
Coming from a design and programming background, I personally can’t help but be amazed by all the work that went into this campaign. Creating 62 different worlds that are all engaging and entertaining – is a feat of its own, but also tying them into one cohesive theme with such a strong design aesthetic… Well done, Coca-Cola. Well done. The FanBolt team had a blast exploring each of these unique experiences, and we encourage you to do the same! You can get started at

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FanBolt was provided an iPad Mini to review these websites on – as well as an iPad Mini for giveaway

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  1. This is so me! Love Coke products. Love the Coke Bear. Participate in MyCokeRewards. I checked out a couple of the sites and they are addicting. 😀


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