Ghost The Musical Review: A New Standard in Set Design and Effects

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I feel like there is a stigma attached to movies that get transformed into Broadway plays – they’re instantly mainstream and often not given the true praise that they deserve. Ghost the Musical falls into that category. The story, based on the 1990’s film staring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, is without question one of the most well-known and iconic love stories of the twentieth century, but is it an obvious choice for Broadway? Not really.

The music wasn’t really that catchy – though it was alright, and while the acting is strong for the material (Especially Carla R. Stewart as Oda Mae Brown) – neither of these elements will be what you’ll be thinking about after you leave the theater. The visual effects in this play are what truly separates it from any other live performance I’ve ever seen. It’s almost a magic show for the audience.

From the depiction of souls leaving bodies to spirits traveling through doors and moving objects – the illusions are eerily rendered on stage with the combination of video effects and live action. The end results are something that truly set this musical apart. It’s just all beautifully and perfectly choreographed.

For those of you not familiar with the premise of the film, the musical follows the same plot. Sam is murdered and while trying to avenge his death and protect his love, Molly, he learns the truth about what happened to him. He makes contact with a physic, Oda Mae Brown, who he convinces to help him communicate and expose the individual behind his murder.

Fans of the film Ghost will undoubtedly enjoy this version of the story. Everyone else will simply be impressed with the visuals. Had the music been less random and unorganized – it would have been a stronger package as a whole. Ghost the Musical is definitely worth seeing, but it’s not a play that will stand the test of time.

Ghost the Musical is on stage at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta through November 10th. Get your tickets while you can!

Grade: B-

Review By: Emma Loggins
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus 2013


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