FanBolt’s 2013 Holiday Recommendations for TV and Movie Fans

From Doctor Who apparel to a zombie tour and tasty wines, we’ve got everyone on your Holiday list covered with FanBolt’s 2013 Holiday Recommendations! Check them out below!

For The Zombie Fan

Atlanta Movie Tours – Carrie Sagel Burns and Patti Davis, both fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, started Atlanta Movie Tours in early 2012. Their “Big Zombie Tour” provides fans with a 3 hour walking and driving tour of all of Atlanta’s local zombie hangouts. While the locations may vary from tour to tour, fans can count on seeing locations that they recognize from Seasons 1 of The Walking Dead.

Interested in Season 3 and 4 locations? They also have a tour in Downtown Senoia (aka Woodbury) that is about an hour south of Atlanta. See the zombie arena from Season 3 to the waterfall from the Season 2 finale. In fact, fans have even been known to find bullet casings from the scenes shot at the zombie arena (as well as Merle’s fantastic episode in Season 3 – you know the one I’m talking about… no spoilers here!).

If you’re a zombie fan and you haven’t been on these tours yet – you’re missing out! Atlanta is zombie-central, and this tour is pure heaven for any fan! FanBolt absolutely loved it! Grab tickets today!

For The Doctor Who Girl Fan
Doctor Who – With every year that passes – Doctor Who continues to grow in popularity, and with that popularity has come some truly wonderful merchandise. It’s not just all toys and standard style tees either. Girls, you’re in luck. There’s apparel available that is fitted and stylish! It’s a fangirl’s dream come true!

Our Recommendations:

  • All Doctors Tee ($28) – In honor of the show’s 50th anniversary episode – this shirt features the profiles of all eleven Doctors. These shirts fit true to size – but are meant to be fitted – so if you’re unsure of sizing – definitely size up!
  • Outline TARDIS Dress ($35) – We love this dress! If you’re looking for more subtle DW apparel, then this is the route to go. The dress is fitted, so go up a size if you’re unsure – it’s a Cotton Spandex Blend.
  • The Exploding TARDIS Pencil Skirt ($25) – This is probably our favorite piece of Doctor Who apparel. It’s a fitted skirt – so size up if you’re unsure of fit. The design is beautiful and vibrant – and subtle enough that only true DW fans will notice and give you a wink.
  • Van Gogh Leggings ($27.99) – We actually love this paired with the Outline TARDIS Dress. It’s our second favorite piece of DW apparel! The leggings are slightly transparent – so beware ladies – you probably want to cover your tush with the dress or a similar length tunic. The leggings are beautiful and snug – so go up a size if you’re unsure of what size to get.
  • Knee High Socks($10) – A practical present – because everyone needs socks – and DW fans especially need DW socks to sport their fandom.
  • TARDIS Night Light ($14.99) – Looking for something other than apparel for your DW girlfriends? This is the perfect present. The light shines through the windows of the TARDIS on all three sides – just plug it in and you’re ready to go! No need to be afraid of the Weeping Angels in your closet anymore!
For The Doctor Who Guy Fan
Doctor Who – Since FanBolt’s staff is mostly female, we massively geeked out with the all the items above! But that being said, we’re also Doctor Who fans, which means we geeked out with all these items as well. While we’d still buy these items for ourselves – we also found them perfect for your guy friends that share the same great TV taste as you!

Our Recommendations:

  • TARDIS Slippers ($20) – Don’t worry – they’re not bigger on the inside! These slippers are super-soft and durable with a memory foam sole, making these pretty much the best lounge shoes any DW fan could have!
  • 11 Doctors Mini Figure Set ($39.99) – This limited edition box set features all eleven Doctors. Each Doctor includes an accessory along with a display base (in case you want to take them out of the box). We rather like the packaging on this one though with the stone effect TARDIS display box. This is the perfect present for your friend that loves to collect limited edition toys!
For Downton Abbey Fan
Downton Abbey Wine – Have a friend that’s a fan of Downton Abbey? It’s hard not to love the show if you’ve seen it! Fans can now recreate the Downton Abbey experience with the launch of the Downton Abbey Wine Collection. Sit down to watch an episode with one of two enticing blends from the Bordeaux region of France: a “Blanc” white wine and a “Claret” red wine. Downton Abbey Blanc is a light and crisp white blend, while Downton Abbey Claret is medium-bodied red with bright fruit and a silky finish.

Made in the finest Bordeaux winemaking tradition by the Grands Vins de Bordeaux, a family-owned Winery with more than 130 years of winemaking experience in the prized Entre-Deux-Mers region of Bordeaux, France, both blends are finely balanced, elegant wines that are eminently drinkable using the same vines, soil and region used to produce the wines from the Downton Era. FanBolt’s personal favorite? Our staff was divided half and half between the white and the red, but I personally loved the red – not too heavy but with just the amount of flavor. It pairs beautifully with parmesan cheese if you’re looking to have a wine and cheese night the next time you watch Downton Abbey.

You can purchase the wine online at and for $14.99 per 750-ml bottle.

For The Health Fan
Peruvian Power Foods – From 101 recipes to anti-aging secrets from the Amazon to the Andes, I’m not sure who wouldn’t be interested in this book. However, it makes for the perfect gift to give a health-conscious friend.What I really love about this book is that they list a superfood (there’s 18 here), and then they list out the health benefits for them followed by a number of different recipes you can make. For example, did you know that cacao has more antioxidants than black tea, green tea, or red wine? It can help treat inflammation and can potentially fight cancer, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular disease. It’s also a natural appetite suppressant. This book lists out a number of recipes you can make with cacao including coffee, frozen yogurt, truffles, and trail mix… and the list goes on with 17 other superfoods!

For Your Little Sister / Disney Fan
Frozen Soundtrack – I’m actually listening to the Frozen soundtrack as I’m writing this, and I’m much older than the target demographic. That being said, I’m a massive Disney fan, and I absolutely fell in love with Frozen. The film itself was everything that I had hoped Brave would be. My expectations for Pixar have always been higher than for Disney, but with this film I was completely blown away. The soundtrack is a huge part of that – it adds so much to the film that it’s almost a character itself. Each song is so catchy and perfectly blended into such a heartwarming and beautiful story.My love affair with Frozen aside, the soundtrack is the perfect present for your little sister – or the massive Disney fan in your life. This film and its soundtrack is a Broadway play waiting to happen.

For Your Crush
Fifty Shades of Grey Wine – For those girls who have read 50 Shades of Grey, they know that wine plays an important role in the book. However, the whole country knows about the rather “erotic” nature of the book, so if you have a crush – this wine (Fifty Shades of Grey White Silk and Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin) is the perfect subtle and flirty present.I was a bit skeptical when I first received a bottle of each for review, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed each of these – especially the Red Satin (a red blend of Petite Sirah and Syrah – along with hints of black cherry, coca powder and clove spice) – which was my favorite. I prefer red wine to white, though I could taste a hint of butterscotch mixed with fruit with White Silk that I absolutely loved. White Silk is actually a blend of Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc. The wine retails for $17.99 a bottle or you can buy the gift set of both the Fifty Shades of Grey White Silk and Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin for $45.99, and they can both be purchased online.

For The FanBolt Fan
FanBolt Fan Pack – Did you know that we have FanBolt t-shirts and bumper stickers… and even a few limited edition jackets that you can pick up?

If you’re interested in showing your love for FanBolt and our fan family, drop us an email with your size (S, M, L, XL, or XXL (Ladies Fit or Regular)) and your desired item – tee or hoodie. And we’ll send one out to you along with some bumper stickers and a mouse pad for only $25 (tee) or $30 (jacket)!

Shipping is included for US residents, and if you’re located elsewhere we can still ship it to you – we’ll just need to do a little math!

We hope these suggestions help you in your holiday shopping! And if you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to share them below! Have a wonderful holiday!

Disclaimer: FanBolt did receive copies of the above products to be able to put together this list. We’ve received no additional compensation for this list. This list is our honest holiday recommendations, and not all products we received were featured.


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  1. Agree 100% with the Frozen Deluxe2-disc soundtrack recommendation. I’ve listened to it daily since I bought it and plan to give a few copies as gifts this Christmas. I enjoyed listening to the songwriters talk about the songs along with the demos. Definitely a must-buy for Disney fans!

  2. Love the Doctor Who gifts — stocked up on several Whovian items to give for the holidays. Although the Christmas special felt a little disappointing to me, I loved The Day of the Doctor and could watch it again and again.