‘Plain Jane’ Not So Plain

Plain Jane is a reality series that starts on The CW on July 28th. Hosted by British fashion expert Louise Roe, the series shows the transformation of a plain Jane from the inside out just in time to comfort her unsuspecting crush.

I checked out the pilot, and I have to say the girl they have on the first episode is pretty freaking adorable. I think the show cheated a little bit starting with someone that cute and charming, but that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the episode.

Our first plain Jane works in the music business and doesn’t have a lot of time outside of work. She’s very low maintenance, enjoys her plaid shirts, and has a crush on a certain friend she’s known for 6 years. When Louise enters the picture she makes Jane confront her biggest fear, teaches her how to flirt (zapping her when she does it wrong – which is quite hysterical and not nearly as horrible as it might seem), and gives her an overhaul on fashion, makeup, and hair. The end results are pretty amazing.

One of the moments I enjoyed the most was when Louise took Jane to the dog park to test out some newly acquired flirting skills. Poor Jane did not want to walk up to these guys and chat them up – much less get zapped when she did it wrong. The first attempt doesn’t go so well, the second attempt seems to be going better until she discovers the guy is gay (which is probably the funniest moment of the episode), and in the third attempt Jane learns that maybe she isn’t so shabby at the flirting deal after all.

I would like to see an episode where the ending doesn’t work out so perfectly. I do enjoy awkward TV…. After all, I am an Office fan. I have to admit the way this premiere ends is pretty fairytale perfect. It’ll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy…. and wanting to go shopping at Bloomingdales. But overall, it’s adorable and funny – it’s a charming series for the summer that will keep you entertained until the fall shows start back. And even then, you may even be left wanting more.

Your Pop Culture Junkie,
Emma Loggins