NBC Cancels ‘Undercovers’

NBC has effectively canceled JJ Abrams’ freshman drama Undercovers and will not pick up any additional episodes.  

The show will still air on November 10, November 17 and December 1.   That takes it through 10 episodes but no dates for what will be the final three episodes have been scheduled yet.

The news is hardly surprising after Undercovers hit series lows last night with a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating that tied with a repeat of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox, but it likely sends a shiver down the spine of Fringe fans who think no network would possibly ever cancel a JJ Abrams show.

What are your thoughts of NBC canceling Undercovers? Mistake or good choice?


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  1. Good choice! And here’s why! J.J. Abrams – name sound familiar? Alias!!! I have been hoping on a reboot of that show for a while – maybe he will have time for it now! Though after researching, it’s rumored more likely he’ll pick up the pace on the project with Terry O’Quinn – ugh, just bring Alias back already!!!

  2. Good riddance. It was just a boring show not up to par with Abrams’ other stuff. The pilot was pretty cool, but it couldn’t sustain my interest.

    That said, Fringe is in much less danger than any of NBC’s shows. Don’t fan the fanboy flames.