Awkward Situations In ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ – Share Your Own Stories!

In the series Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David always finds himself in incredibly awkward situations with his friends and neighbors due to his idiosyncrasies and social missteps. In promotion of Curb moving into syndication and airing 5 nights a week, I wanted to ask FanBolt readers, what are some your most awkward social moments? Any that rival Larry David’s?

For instance, what about the time Larry was confronted by a man in a wheelchair after using the handicapped designated bathroom – a harmless offense, but one that nonetheless gets him in trouble due to his uncanny timing and stubborn refusal to admit wrongdoing?

I think Larry’s situations are far more awkward than my own. Yet I still have a couple ones that could compete – though I did initiate them. The most uncomfortable (yet hilarious) one I can recall, would be me asking the ex-boyfriend of a famous singer to sign a cd containing a very famous song that was inspired by their horrible breakup. Awkward! But it’s an awesome piece of memorabilia to have… and it’s a great story!

Share with us some of your most awkward social moments! And be sure to watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm” five nights a week! Check your local listings here:

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Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.'”


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