Lifehouse Concert Review: A Perfectly Picked Setlist

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta tour stop of Lifehouse’s Smoke and Mirrors tour. I was first introduced to the band about 10 years ago with their hit single “Hanging By A Moment”, and I soon bought their debut album after hearing “Everything” being played as the first kiss soundtrack on all my favorite old school WB dramas. Roswell anyone?

Needless to say, Lifehouse came onto the scene in my formable teenage years, so hearing the songs again is almost a surreal experience as I’m sure it was for a lot of concert goers. But before Lifehouse took the stage, we were graced with an American Idol opening act…

Kris Allen got the crowd warmed up with “Live Like We’re Dying” and playing an awesome set that closed out with a Beatles cover of “Come Together.” I have to admit I was a bit confused as to why Kris was opening up for anyone considering he just won American Idol. While I still can’t quite figure that out, kudos to the team that paired him up with Lifehoue – the fanbases were identical. The same people I saw dancing and singing to Kris’ set, where the same crowd that new every lyric to every Lifehouse song. This was my first exposure to Kris Allen, as American Idol lost me a couple seasons back, but I have to say…. the boy has got some mad talent. Talk about an incredible vocal range.

But when Lifehouse took the stage, there was no doubting who people were there to see. With some pretty sweet LED screens surrounding the boys to the strobe lightning, the effects were notably awesome. And between old favorites like “You and Me”, “Storm”, and “Everytime” and newbies like “All In” and “Halfway Gone”, the crowd was clearly hearing exactly what they wanted to. My favorite crowd reaction of the night was when the boys played “Hanging By A Moment”, the song that really defines the band to so many of us old school fans. Fans were singing the lyrics almost louder than lead singer Jason Wade. I have to imagine that playing that song is either a really humbling experience (when seeing the crowd’s reaction)… or they’re really tried of playing of it for the last decade. Either way, the boys seemed pretty stoked to be surrounded by so many passionate fans who clearly shared a profound connection with their songs.

The night closed out with “Everything”, and while it wasn’t one of their more upbeat songs, I think it was the perfect ending to a perfectly picked set list. They couldn’t have done it any better.

Review By: Emma Loggins


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  1. Ah, nostalgia. 🙂

    This review makes me want to dig out my copy of their first album. Love the WB reference…they were definitely a soundtrack staple back in the day!

  2. I love Lifehouse SO much! One of my all time favorite bands. I loved hearing ‘Everything’ on Roswell too! 🙂 I also adore Kris Allen and think pairing him up with Lifehouse was perfect! Sounds like a great show Emma! 🙂