Make Sci-fi Fans Giddy With ‘V: The Complete First Season’ On DVD

Need some last minute Christmas gift ideas? Pick up V: The Complete First Season on DVD for the sci-fi fan in your life! What’s great about this present is you can give it to someone young or old seeing as how it’s a remake of an older series which aired in the early 80’s. When the remake debuted last fall, my parents remembered the original series quite well, which was one of the reasons they tuned in. But whether or not, you’re familiar with the old or even the new series, it’s a great DVD set that will make any sci-fi fan giddy with joy.

V stands for visitors. When they first arrive on earth, it’s mad chaos. A huge mothership appears over New York City while other motherships arrive in an additional 28 major cities around the world. The visitors appear to be human-like. They know our language, bring us gifts, and even tell us they want to help us. They come in peace. Or do they? As Season 1 unfolds, we learn that these “visitors” aren’t exactly who they seem to be, and a fledgling resistance is on the rise, determined to reveal the truth.

Season 2 premieres on Tues, January 4 9/8c on ABC! But until then, check out the Season 1 recap on ABC’s website:

To help raise awareness for the DVD release of Season 1, I wanted to ask you guys, how would you respond to the initial landing of the Visitors in your town? Would you be accepting, cautious, frightened? Why? How would you react if your family took a different stance than you?

Personally, I think I would freak out. 🙂 Sound off with your thoughts in our comments section below!

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Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote V: The Complete First Season on DVD. You can purchase a copy here:


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  1. Since I live in a fairly small town, I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t be accepting. My grandparents for example would say “Them People Is Bad News”. For me, I’d be accepting – hey, I’m all up for anything new in this town. And if they came in looking sharp and talking business – I’d follow right along on that economic train because the one in this town is headed straight downhill! Great review – I’ll be tuning in for Season Two, just need to catch up on Season One!

  2. haha thanks for your comments. I personally am a believer in aliens. I’ve been to the Roswell convention in New Mexico twice making me a huge nerd! Most of my friends aren’t though – so I’d personally love to see their faces if aliens showed up. It’d be awesome. haha 🙂