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Is Chuck Going To Get His Heart Broken On ‘Gossip Girl’?

Is Chuck Going To Get His Heart Broken On ‘Gossip Girl’?

It’s the Prince or it’s Chuck Bass. That’s the decision Blair Waldorf is going to have to make pretty soon on Gossip Girl. Things are going to get intense as we approach the Season 4 finale, and we have a sneak peek look for you below at Monday night’s episode!

The best love story on Gossip Girl – and we know we’re going to receive some heat for saying that ( We received a surprising amount of comments when we said that Blair and Dan were just weird to us! ), but we’re pretty sure there are enough Chuck and Blair supporters out there to back us up!

Will you be watching Gossip Girl Monday night? Who do you want Blair to end up with? Sound off below in our comment section!

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  1. There are plenty of CB fans out there still! We’ve been a little beaten down by storylines recently, but we’re optimistic they’re going to dig themselves out of this hole 🙂

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for Chuck and Blair! Maybe not by the end of this season but they need to be endgame. Chuck is the love of Blair’s life and vice versa.

  3. I totally agree with you guys and thank you for posting these =) gave me hope and morale after torturous second half of this season…FINALE seems great for Chuck&Blair, maybe she leaves with prince but I’m sure her only real and great love is Chuck and she knows that =) Chuck will do amends too because he is madly in love with Blair, no matter what…Ohhh soooo awesome to watch and talk about them =) Chuck&Blair is the best love story on GG, even its the BEST, comparing other shows IMO…So much interesting to watch very intreguing, so much exiting and passionate, so HOT!!!…totally consuming…yet totally soft hearted…so so so exited to see whats going to happen between them in two part finale…Prince is not Chuck after all and Blair knows that…her fairytale is with Chuck..I hope they rebuild them so strong..I want CB back on top!!! 😉

  4. I love Chuck and Blair and she has to choose Chuck they are each others soulmates plus the prince is just a guest star obviously he won’t be around forever – K

  5. I hope not!
    Chuck has gone through a lot lately and he deserves to be happy, what he has suffered is too much for a 20 yr old guy. Chair foreverrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  6. Blair and Chuck are soul mates for sure and I want to see them as the UES King and Queen we all know they are!

  7. Of course she has to end up with Chuck Love of her life!
    Dan Blair is the weirdest thing on much forced…
    And hate all the abuse talks.CB is the hottest thing ever on GG.non of the TV shows are lucky enough to have to amazing actor with lots of sexual chemistry to burn the screen like fire.GG mustn’t waste this amazing potential.
    Louis is a one froggy boring prince.Blair likes him just because she loves to be a princess.İf he wasn’t a prince Blair wouldn’t ever consider to look at him for second time.
    Chuck and Blair what makes GG worth watching.the most interesting thing on GG.

  8. So glad to see I have some support! Where were you guys when I was getting attacked for saying Blair and Dan were just a weird idea of the writers!? haha 🙂 Glad to see that I’m not alone in the Chair fandom. Hands down the best couple on the show! 🙂

  9. Dair for me.Blair deserves to be happy. I’m tired of Chuck doing all this stuff to her. He’s so selfish. Dan is the guy for her hands down. And what the heck is this whole prince thing about? really b, getting engaged to a guy thats been there for about a week? real smart blair we knew.

  10. CHUCK AND BLAIR ALL THE WAY! An interesting love story that has been told for about 4 seasons. I think they’ve finally gone through the worse and it’s now time to build them back up.
    Chuck will once again be Blair’s King!!

  11. Jeez, what’s with all the chuck and blair comments?? Every site I go on, its the exact opposite. Hmm, something doesn’t seem right. There’s something about this site that I don’t like I’m posting on twitter not to come here. It’s weird. I feel like its biased or something. Sorry chair fans, but im with the other two, I really do love dan and blair together. their scenes are so funny and refreshing. chuck is just worn out. he’s not a very good man. they had a great love story in the beginning, but rarely do first loves ever stay together. I’m gonna hope the writers choose dan nad blair. itd be a pity to waste all the chemistry.


  13. OF COURSE Chuck and Blair are the show’s greatest love story! I can’t wait for Chuck to work on himself and grow up so that he and Blair can get back together.

    There are still so many CB fans out here. Thanks for the support! 🙂

  14. The Dark Prince will Rise again and win Blair’s heart once and for all! We love Blair and Chuck too and when they reunite I’ll put GG back on my “Must See” list.

  15. I want Chair for sure! The prince is dull, Dan’s a dolt and I need excitement on Gossip Girl, not dull crap! Suck it haters, it’s all about Chair!

  16. dan and blair are the thing i want to happen endgame. if they dont happen this season or next at least in the last season have them end up together.

  17. @dora well i think you shoud suck it cause i love dan and blair. there may be a lot of chair fans but there are a lot of dair fans as well. and its amazing how many fans dan and blair have already and they’ve only had like 5 episodes goes to show how amazing they are dair forever baby

  18. I enjoyed the last episode, it brought the real epic couple back and , Whew, I was relived to get Blair and Chuck in scenes together. Hope they rebuild their love story. I’ll be waiting. 😉

  19. wow lots of opinions however i have to say i like dan and blair lots more! they are amazing i think. sorry chair fans but dair for me!

  20. hopefully they will put dan and blair back together. and no not as friends as more than friends. poor dan i feel bad for him he always gets creepy girls georgina and vanessa and charlie go dan and blair.

  21. No jumping on bad bandwagon couples for this shipper! My heart bleeds Chuck and Blair love and that won’t ever change, so I support this post with all my Chair shipping heart!

  22. Again, I like dan and blair as well as a lot of you gys. I think they have amazing chemistry i used to like chuck and blair in the beginning but not anymore im just tired fo the games ya know? give dair a chance. now. lol. or ill sstop watchign the show. dair!!!!!!!!

  23. dan and blair are the most exciting. i love them together. hopefully she doest choose the dark knight. haha the dark knight. wtf?? i can see the prince and the pauper thats actually a saying it just goes to show that chuck doesn’t fit in cause he doesnt belong with b dair i love you so much

  24. @cbccarson, if by beauty you mean blair and if my beast you mean dan then i agree. haha. chuck isnt the beast dan is. member dorota and blair talking about it hahah fail!! dan nd blair forever

  25. Chuck and Blair all the way. It’s always the darkest before dawn. Team Dark Knight. Team Blair Happiness. Team Chuck and Blair.

  26. team dair ftw! ftw endgame!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah @phoebe yeah king charles considering he cheated on diana. that’d be a great marriage for chuck and blair, her becoming bulimic again cause of him and dying and chuck cheating on her dair forever!! the chair fans are so stupid. it makes sense though dan and blair are both smart beings and chuck fans like him for looks they dont have smarts hahaha

  27. dan nd blair are amazing, so amazing i almost cnt think lol. they are so cute i love all their scenes together why did the writer of this article seem like a meany to me?? i dont like this site cause of her.

  28. dan and blair are amazing. chair fans need o get over it already. hahah. dair ftw maybe not this season but next the writers have already said dan and blair are not over

  29. dan and blair do have good chemistyr i have to gie them that i wnna see them have a chance, im tired of chuck and blair it’s always the same boring stuff

  30. what the heck is with the biased writer here??? I like team dan and blair. this article is making me mad. i read about ithere on a twitter to not come here cause this blogger is biased and now i see why im tweeting it on mine too not to come. dair forever writer!!

  31. Chuck and Blair all the way. They are the reason this show was epic and they are the reason it can be again.
    True love doesn’t come along that often. Team Dark Knight all the way!

  32. blair needs to choose dan in the end of the series whenever that is. i hope the writers arent screwing around with us.

  33. allyson – We’re all bias to the couples that we like! And Chuck and Blair happen to be my favorite. 🙂 That’s what makes fandom for these shows so great though! I certainly didn’t mean to upset the dan/blair fans – I’m just expressing my opinion like any other blogger! 🙂 I welcome your thoughts on Dan and Blair though. There’s room for everyone! 🙂

  34. dan and blair made me come back to gg after the horrible show that was chuck nd blair every season finale.

  35. I think that there is room for everyone! lol. im just relaxed cause i know its jst a show however i would choose dan and blair if i had to.

  36. I think Blair and Dan make great friends – but as far as something more – that takes both sides feeling it. And it doesn’t seem like Blair felt it. Blair and Chuck are undeniable. Do you guys think Blair just doesn’t know it yet?

  37. I am confused?? Why does everyone like chuck and blair its not normal just like nate said. dan and blair are true love.

  38. i think that blair is in denial or doesnt realize she has feelings for dan thats my opinion, and dont worry emma, im not mad that you like chair, however i will admit it did sound like you were being kinda biased lol. but ill still read your posts 🙂

  39. haha yea I definitely sound biased. 🙂 We all are though to the couples we like 🙂 On another note, I think that’s why fans like Chuck and Blair though – it’s about the games and the teasing – It is for me at least. haha That sounds incredibly dysfunctional – but it’s fun to watch 🙂

  40. i like dan and blair. i see what everyone is saying but i feel like fun and games only get you so far you need a friend to be your soulmate and true love. you have to like who you are going to spend the rest of your lfie with dair is that for me. I think unfortunately thouggh chair will be the season finale

  41. @emma yeah i get what you say about chuck and blair, thats why i used to like em. It was good entertainment for awhile. how do you think the season finale will end. i think that it will be with chair. (yay for u, nay for me) hahha

  42. Yeah, I think it’ll definitely be Chuck over the Prince. Though maybe Dan will make a move on his feelings. I feel like the whole Dan/Blair thing is very under the radar which might end up being a good season finale plot. But yeah, it’ll definitely be Chuck before the Prince. lol

  43. @emma, yeah i agree, i saw a lot of pictues of chuck and blair that seems like that’s how it’ll end or in the beginning of season 5 maybe. Yeah thats true, thats the reason i think so many dair fans were disappointed was because they didn’t really give dair a chance. idk lol. the prince will deff be gone after awhile though, we all know that hahaha.

  44. never giving up on CB!! Long arduous road ahead but I’m in it for the full ride. The show is nothing without them!!!

  45. @elizabeth oh without a doubt. haha that Prince guy isn’t going to be around next season. 🙂 I definitely agree with you though – it seems like the writers were like “hm… what about Dan and Blair…” and then immediately changed their minds. I don’t know… maybe they have something more planned but right now it just seems like gave up on it.

  46. Chuck loves Blair, Blair loves CHUCK. It’s not really complicated, is it?! Chuck needs to GROW UP and fix his issues, in the mean time, she can have some fun with Louis. BUT Chuck will be soon worthy of Blair’s love. “We are inevitable waldorf” , “I’m your ONE and ONLY…” so yea.

  47. Yeah Chuck definitely has some issues to straighten out. I look forward to seeing the day when he is truly worthy of her love. 🙂 That’ll be a great episode!

  48. Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck…………..that is all we know on Gossip Girl, and all we need
    to know!:D

  49. I love CB and I am glad the focus is back to them! I cnt wait for these next few episodes. I hope blair realizes that the prince, like prom, is a fairytale that needs to be rewritten. Cb ftw!

  50. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. I completely agree with everything on that article.
    I love Chuck and Blair but that doesn’t mean I want them now because they both (Chuck especially) need to grow and it will happen.
    4.20 was like an ode to Beauty and the Beast and we all know what happens at the end of the tale – the Beast becomes a prince. So there is hope for Chuck.
    Funny that Blair wants a fairytale and she has two to choose from – Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast.
    I can not wait to see what happens in the last two episodes now.

  51. I know she won’t pick him because of the last episode and his behavior, but ultimately it has to be CHUCK. Chuck and Blair are fated to be together.

  52. hopefully, dan and blair will end up together. i dont know when but sometime by the end of the show. chuck and blair arent a good couple, too much destruction, its not normal. dair forever.

  53. Daniel Humphrey and B Waldorf are the best!! Who the heck would go back to a guy that sold you for a hotel, and I konw chair fans get tired of heraing it and im sorry, but the reason i bring that up again is because it’s unrealistic that she’d ever want him back. It’s also unrealistic after what he did at the ball and to her that night and to dan that’d she’d even consider taking back. Idk. I lvoe my dair thats it.

  54. I’m feeling that Dair belong together. I feel like the writers are gonna screw it up and put chair together, but I”ll always know deep down that they were meant to be together.


  56. I really hope Chuck doesn’t get his heart broken 🙁 I want him to prove his love to Blair and be happy for her if she’s happy with Louis… BUT I need Blair to go back to Chuck eventually, LOL.

  57. I want Blair and Chuck, of course.

    I expect Blair and Louis though.

    So, I vote yes. Chuck is getting his heart broken.

    (LOL at the calls for DB, which isn’t an option in the poll or in Blair’s mind. If she had wanted him, she would have had him.)

  58. The best part of this season has been Blair finding and appreciating a real, happy connection with someone who already respects her after wasting most of the season pining for Chuck and chasing after the same old fairy tales (prestige and power). In the end, all she wants to do is share cultural interests, curl up watch movies, and, apparently, kiss Dan as often as she can arrange without having to admit to herself and others that she’s fallen for the Humphrey appeal. DAIR all the way.

  59. Of course we will always back you up. 🙂 It’s sad you received some heat. You – like everybody else on the internet – should be able to say what they want without getting attacked by certain fans.

    Chair is the epic story the writers have been telling from the beginning up until now. It will continue on until the series end, where they will end up happily together. Other relationships/constallations are only bumps on the road & temporary replacements for the real thing. Vive la Chair! 🙂

  60. Thanks Rachel! 🙂 I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂 It’s great that so many fans feel so passionately about the couples on GG – means the show will be around for a long long time! 🙂


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