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Who Will Blair End Up With On ‘Gossip Girl’?

Who Will Blair End Up With On ‘Gossip Girl’?

Tonight is the first part of the Gossip Girl Season 4 finale, and from the looks of it – the big question is going to be who does Blair end up with? We posed the question last week, whether or not Blair was going to break Chuck’s heart, and got some rather passionate comments from fans. There is a large group of Dair shippers who are routing for Blair and Dan, and then there are the Chair fans who believe Chuck and Blair are inevitable. I personally believe they are inevitable – but that doesn’t mean that they’re ready for each other yet. And as much as I loved seeing Chuck and Blair in their version of a normal relationship last season – I have to admit I like their courtship more. But Blair and Dan – sorry fans, but that has to be a two way street for that one to work, and so far Blair couldn’t seem more disinterested. Kissing Dan shouldn’t had made her think about Chuck. Just not a very promising first kiss.

The timing of the possible Royal wedding in comparison to the the real life Royal wedding which took place on April 29th almost seems too perfect doesn’t it? But that doesn’t mean it will take place. I think Dair and Chair shippers alike can all agree on one thing. Blair doesn’t belong with Louis. But it would make for a good/tormenting cliffhanger that we Gossip Girl fans will be dying for Season 5 to remedy.

Another interesting question for the Season finale next week to answer for us – is Vanessa going the way of Jenny? I feel like we’ve barely seen her this season!

What are you guys looking forward to seeing with tonight’s and next week’s Season 4 finale of Gossip Girl? Sound off in our comment section below!

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  1. I’m a Chuck and Blair fan and ,quite simply, they have the hard, yet epic storyline that can carry this show, so I hope it continue and we get some great season finale moments for Chuck and Blair!

  2. Yeah I feel like Serena is the highlight of so much of the show – but I don’t feel that she has a romantic interest which is the equivalent of Chuck and Blair. I mean I guess the closest thing would be Dan? For me at least, when I think of GG couples – I think of Chuck and Blair first.

  3. I really want Chuck and Blair, I think they`re perfect, Chucks in a mess because of her. Shes the only one he cares about, he pretends not to care, but inside, he wants her so bad. I feel so sorry for him!:( I hope he gets better in the last episode!

  4. I hope Chuck and Blair end up together!! If not, then what is the point?

    I hope they work on Dan and Serena next!

  5. Dan and Blair, definitely! Their chemistry and comic timing are a breath of fresh air on this show.

  6. I will admit that Chuck punching the glass in the last episode was a bit uncalled for. He’s definitely in a dark place – and it’s possible that neither Blair or Chuck are where they need to be right now to have a healthy relationship – but I think Chuck just needs a little guidance. I don’t believe that’s the true Chuck we saw last week.

  7. As much as I think Chuck and Blair, individually, can get to a good and happy place, CHAIR is forever tainted and will always feel a little rotten. The sum of all their parts is just sad. Can’t root for them again, EVER. Blair and Dan have cute, easy chemistry, and have the potential to be a great couple if given the chance.

  8. chuck and blair are ah-mazinggg! they are so perfect and happy together.. without blair, chuck is so broken and vulnerable and without chuck, blair is just not herself.. i want the old blair backkk!

  9. chuck and blair are at a TERRIBLE place right now… but i do believe they can get out of it… ever since chuck and blair broke up the show has been so dull… honestly this entire season has bored me to tears… although they have been through a lot i honestly believe that the gossip girl writers are smart enough to figure out how to mend that mess of a relationship… but if they do i will LOVE THEM so much bc chuck and blair r perfect 2gether

  10. If Blair and Chuck don’t end up together, I swear that I will not watch the show anymore! Season 3’s ending was shocking! Cant the best couple on the show get a bloody break!

  11. Chuck and Blair do need a bit of a break, they got a little bit of one last season… but this season has put them a fair amount of drama and with how the last episode aired…. whoa.

  12. DAN AND BLAIR = compatible, smart, sexy people.

    Please, lets all grow up and realize that relationships that make us worse people ARE BAD FOR US AND TOXIC.


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