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Will Blair Get Her Fairytale On The Season Finale Of ‘Gossip Girl’

Will Blair Get Her Fairytale On The Season Finale Of ‘Gossip Girl’

With the Gossip Girl Season 4 finale just days away, and the way last week’s episode ended… A lot of us on Team Blair are wondering whether or not Blair will have her fairytale ending. From the looks of it, the Gossip Girl writers aren’t going to disappoint us – they’re going to leave us with the mother of all cliffhangers.

The last few times I’ve posted about Gossip Girl, I’ve posted about how Blair belongs with Chuck, and while I’ve received some debate worthy comments from Team Dair (Hate to say it guys, but if Dair was going to happen – she’d be worried about Charlie going crazy on Dan and not about Chuck), I still feel strongly that Blair’s Gossip Girl ending will be with Chuck. Granted that will be 10 seasons from now hopefully, but none-the-less that’s obviously where her heart lies.

As far as Russell Thorpe, I’ve grown a little bit tired of this storyline. But this seems like the end for it. Question is will it wrap up next Monday – or will we have to wait until next fall. And what is going to happen when Chuck finds out? I’m almost more worried about Chuck’s future here than I am Blair’s. We know they’re not going to kill her off. She’s one of the show’s staples…. But how bad will it get for her?

And looks like Georgina Sparks is back for the Season finale too. That can’t be good…. I hope she’s not somehow attached to the craziness that is Charlie. Any theories on that?

I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the Blair-focused episodes at the end of this season. I was getting so tired and annoyed with Serena that I can honestly say it’s been nice to have this break. I’m sure Season 5 will have us back to the world of crazy Van der Woodsen scandal, but until then I’m content focusing on our favorite Manhattan brunette!

So here’s my questions for you Gossip Girl fans, what in your mind would be the perfect fairytale ending for Season 4 for Blair? Let me know in our comment section below!

Your Pop Culture Junkie,
Emma Loggins

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  1. I’m not sure… something tells me the fact that she went to see Chuck will be the last straw with Louis… I don’t think it’s going to go over to well with him. I doubt – that if we see Blair get out of the current situation with Thorpe this season – that Louis will be there waiting for her. Though I’m sure both Dan and Chuck will be. Do you think that Louis will still want to marry her?

  2. I really want chuck and blair! They`ve always belonged together, they have history and chemistry and proper love, 3 things that Blair and louis don`t even have! Chuck and Blair need to get married! I cant wait until the season finale! Please let chuck save blair! Chuck cares, louis is ugly aswell, i think people will stop watching gg if she marries louis!

  3. Dair forever!! Are you the person I read about on twitter that hated dair? I think it was this site?? Ughhh. Dan and Blair forever!!

  4. I love all your posts! It’s so good to know that someone is excited to see all the episodes like I am lol. However, I’m a Humphrey Waldorf fan sorry. I know that a lot of people like chair and then a lot of people like dair. I’m rooting for dair! Obviously not this season. I think that Blair doesn’t wanna admit that there was anything there. She thinks that she belongs with chuck so she’s ignoring her feelings for dan. idk..just a thought! DAIR

  5. I’m also excited about the finale.As well my favorite is Blair so I like these last couple of episodes. I am not really sure whats going to happen, but I heard the producers say that the Dair storyline will happen in season 5. So I don’t know, and I also heard that Chuck is going to save Blair but she’s going to leave with the Prince to Monaco for the summer. I am team Blair so what ever she does is good with me. Even though we all know she loves Chuck, even if it hurts her.

  6. No offence, but why do you lot like Dair? I doubt a Dair storyline in season 5. I don`t see chemistry between these two, i`m sorry. I don`t even think Blair`s even intrested in Dan, and Dan`s intrested in Blair. They`re just friends, but I doubt a romance between these two. That kiss between them was nothing, it didn`t show love or admiration, it just to me showed a game.

  7. OMG! Totally dan and blair ftw. I loveee them sooooo much they are the absolute best! I would much rather date dan than have my boyfriend throw me around like chuck 🙂

  8. Kathy – I definitely don’t hate Blair and Dan – I’m not sure how people got that. I’m definitely a Chair fan though – I’ll admit that. Relationships need to be two-sided and Blair doesn’t seem to be interested in Dan at all – or to have felt anything when they kissed. Not a good sign. I definitely love both of their characters – but in the end – I love Blair with Chuck 🙂 Can’t help it! I’m a fan girl for them 🙂 And Paul – I’m just as excited as you! It’s so great that the fans of this show are so passionate about it – and that we all love these characters so much! That’s a sign of a truly great show when you have fans that feel so strongly! 🙂

  9. hmm lots of different opinions lol, however, i like dan and blair the most. Denial anyone?? Am I the only one who thought that blair seemed upset after dan told her it meant nothing to him like it did to her and she said ohh…right. ILOVEDAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Blair wouldn’t stay in bed for a week if she felt nothing after the kiss with Dan.
    The discovery that she wanted to be with Chuck was not such a big shock, as she knew that already.
    I think at some point later it will be revealed that the kiss did stir up emotions that she preferred to rationalize and eventually try to ignore.
    there is obviously something between those two that they are taking time to acknowledge.
    It happens in real life all the time.

  11. I really love dair together, they have amazing chemistry. But i also love louis, i think blair will end up with him until next season, but somehow they will break up, which is a shame because blair would be the perfect princess. Chair, i love, dont get me wrong- but i would love to see blair without him, because i truely want the dair romance to flurish, and for the producers to develop that amazing romance.

  12. omg dair is freaking amazing!! best couple in the whole wide world. and @a I totally agree with you. The realization that she wanted to be with chuck would have come as to no shock to her. I mean wasn’t she jst talking about that an episode before, why would she wanna deny it when all she was talking about was how she wanted to be with him. She wouldn’t be upset in bed she’d be out looking for him! Dair is the best couple on gg dair forever and ever!

  13. DAIR IS AWESOME!! There is going to be a Dair storyline it has been confirmed for next season yes suck on that Chair 😉 Seriously Dair and Georgina Sparks is the only thing thats keeping me watching the finale! XD

  14. I really want to know what Georgina is doing back. I wasn’t expecting to see her again so soon. I really can’t see anyone in the group trusting her again, but that being said our favorite characters seem to forgive and forget much quicker than regular people 🙂

  15. I love Dair too!! Perfect, grown up mature romance with intellectual conversation and real care/concern bred from years of knowing each other.

  16. It does not make sense. They spent 4 seasons on building Chuck and Blair’s relationship. The number of fans they have that supports “Chair” is a heck lot! They should really consider on continuing the Blair & Chuck relationship, b/c without them I’m sure they’ll lose a lot of viewers!!


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