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What Will Happen To Damon On ‘The Vampire Diaries’

What Will Happen To Damon On ‘The Vampire Diaries’


The Vampire Diaries Season 2 finale is creeping ever closer, and it has a few fans worried about Damon’s fate. Once bitten by a werewolf, it’s just a matter of time if you’re a vamp. And Damon got a little nip from Tyler not very long ago. We all remember what happened to Rose…

Despite if your Team Delena or Team Stelena, we can all on agree on one thing. The love triangle between these 3 is pretty freaking hot. The writers know that. Damon isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be fine, and perhaps in the meantime – it’ll stir up some emotions with Elena? Eh? Eh? 😉

Doesn’t really look like it stirs up emotions in Elena though does it… :-/

Stelena fans are going to kill me now. And don’t get me wrong, I love Stefan too. But the chemistry between Damon and Elena is just completely different, and I want us fans to be teased a little bit more with it if we’re going to be without TVD for 3.5 months. Who is with me?

Well that’s my hopes for the Season 2 finale, what are you hoping to see tomorrow night?

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  1. I was under the impression that Elena is unaware of Damon’s impending death. If that’s the case, why should she look at him any differently? I’m sure, though, that she finds out during the season finale (which should totally be two hours!) and ends up telling him that she can’t lose him, she loves him, and maybe that the only cure for a werewolf bite is sweet, sweet lovin’ from a doppleganger.

  2. I’m just assuming she finds out during the finale, so I was hoping that we’d catch a glimpse of that in the teaser. I like your idea for a cure though. haha I’d love to see that! And yes, it should totally be two hours! It’s the least they can do if we have to wait till the fall!

  3. oh i agree that it should be 2 hrs. cuz that hour that tvd is on goes way to fast. and am i the only one that doenst like elena? i really think damon needs to move on and find someone better that can appreciate and love him for who he is. (and doenst have feelings for his brother as well)


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