Is NBC’s The Event Over For Good – Or Will Netflix Pick Up Season Two?

Well The Event concluded its first season last night, and by the lack of support I received on Twitter and Facebook – I’m seriously wondering if I was the only one who was watching and loving this series? Or do I just need new friends? Sure, I’ll admit there was a lull in the middle of the season – but last night’s finale more than made up for it.

If you’re a die-hard fan of The Event like myself, you’ll be glad to know there is still hope. There is a rumored deal with Netflix for Season Two, which I would speculate would be shorter than Season One just to save on production costs. Though nothing is considered to be anything more than rumor and speculation at this point.

Netflix will be offering original programming in the future, so it’s possible that this deal could actually go through. According to, there are actually talks in the works.

“Talks are underway with at least one distribution partner to take over the serialized drama. The Event executive producer Steve Stark wouldn’t comment, but I hear new original programming player Netflix’s name tossed around.”

If it wasn’t seriously being considered, I’d consider it almost cruel for the producers and cast members to be getting our hopes up as well with comments and tweets like this:

“You guys have been amazing in support of The Event. The future of the show is still uncertain — outside the fact that we know NBC has not picked it up for the Fall schedule. That said, tonight will be the last episode of the first season. Tune in tonight at 9/8C on NBC. Hope you like it!” – Blair Underwood (On Facebook)

“To our amazing fans, our time on NBC may be over, but we are working hard to find a new home that shares our collective enthusiasm” – Ian Anthony Dale (Twitter)

Just to throw in my two-cents, series like The Event need time to evolve. It had a complex backstory that was going to take time to set up, hence the lull middle of the season. Not to mention the mid-season pause for the train-wreck that was known as The Cape. Also, Monday night was not the night for this series.

The Event did have a few things in its corner though, one of which was an incredible story (or so it appeared from the last third of Season One). When I spoke with the producers and writers last year at Comic Con, they told me they had a five year plan for the series. They knew exactly where they were going, and all the milestones they were going to hit in the process – something that I’m still not entire sure we had with Lost as we wondered through that weird 3rd Season. But The Event did fill a void of must-see sci-fi television for many Lost-loving fans, myself included.

I’ll keep you posted as soon as there is definite word on the future of The Event, until then – I hope fans will join me in showing support for the series and tweeting and commenting on it wherever you can!

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  1. i too fell that i’m the only one who likes this. None of my friends watching this. Anyway me too a huge fan of this. Some parts are boring, but it has a great story which can run more than two seasons.

  2. Glad I’m not alone! 🙂 There’s a lot left of this story to be told – I’m hoping that we get a chance to see it! 🙂

  3. I heard the writers knew later in the season that the show would likely be cancelled, so they wrote the rest of the season in a way that would answer questions but leave the door open in case there is a second season. I wonder how the season would have ended without the threat of cancellation? I wonder how much of the “5 years” of story was compressed into the last few episodes of the season?

  4. Dub – I heard that too, but I feel like they could have told us more. 🙂 I feel like Simon could have told Sean so much about how they were here first… and what “The Event” was going to be. I think that’s what upsets me the most is that was the question we all asked during the pilot episode – is this the event? is this event? But all we now know is that it’s something they wanted to avoid and it’s something that will happen if they stay on Earth – so it was likely a last season kind of thing – but that’s really what everything was working up towards. It drives me crazy we’re never going to know. 🙁 Perhaps they’ll make that scroll downloadable in English if Netflix doesn’t pick it up?

  5. I have been hooked on this show from day one… keeps me gasping of all the good characters they kept killing. (Thomas, Micheal, etc)Leila pregnant, moving planets, viruses, earthquakes, pre-human humans, this can’t get better. I like it even more than lost… I really hope they keep this show going. Even Netflix would be great!!!!

  6. Christer – I completely agree. I think one of my favorite parts about the show was the virus. I felt that was such an orignial and unexpected turn of events – pun intended. haha 🙂 But I agree with you – during the finale last night that’s exactly what I was saying – this can’t get any better. 🙂

  7. Go to…..Dempsey’s Office. On the bookshelf, there is a trophy. Click it, it will explode. You’ll see a safe, click it. Read the scroll. Explains more….but it’s not real clear. “The Event” is Leila’s baby, I think the “slaves” are the human race, I think “the pure/righteous” are the aliens. Read the last line….obviously whoever wrote the scroll (I think the aliens did), they DON’T like “The Chosen One”…Leila’s baby. (I think!) I SURE HOPE THIS SHOW DOESN’T DIE!!!!!!

  8. I was really disappointed when I learned that NBC (abbreviation for Nothing But Cancels) cancelled The Event. It is a show with a plethora of excellent actors and a great story line. I was also disappointed to hear that some lame Playboy Bunny show was picked up by NBC. Really? That over The Event? I really hope that someone else (i.e. Netflix) picks up The Event. If that is the case, who would be prodcasting the show? I don’t really know how that works.

  9. Monica – Does it say Leila’s baby is the Event in there. I don’t see that in the scroll – but this definitely a little bit more than we got last night. I think your take sounds pretty on the dot though with the aliens and humans. And Jenelle – Nothing But Cancels – I’m going to start referring to it was that as well. As I’ve said when NBC had their upfronts – it’s totally clear that a number of their new fall shows aren’t going to work, it’s sad that The Event had to bite the bullet to make room a less than exciting fall lineup in my opinion.

  10. It was a real bummer when i read they had canceled The Event. The last show i was into similar to this was FlashForward, and this somewhat “filled the void” left by it’s cancellation. I hope and pray someone picks this up,it and Chuck are my two favorite shows recently.

  11. I think this show has a lot of potential and would definitely watch it on another network. With the exception of Parenthood it was the only show I even watched on NBC. It appeals to people who like something unique and a bit more intelligent. Sadly, nielsens do not tell the whole story. When was the last time any of you were given a little black box to participate? Clearly shows like this need time to develop, one season is NOT enough. I think a lot of people would pay to download new eps from Itunes or Netflex if need be.

  12. I think the reason that shows like this aren’t popular anymore is the fact that people are getting stupider and stupider as time goes on. There is so much reality tv on these days that when something smart actually sees the light of day, the vast majority cant appreciate it.

  13. I hope they pick it up! I love this show and could see it catching on if people could watch the first season at their leisure.


  14. IF NBC or any other network is listening, PLEASE PICK THIS SHOW UP! It has amazing actors, storyline and great future! We want to see what becomes of THE EVENT. like what actually happens when this 2 BILLION hits the EARTH!

    Please do not leave us hanging.
    Seems like over and over again, we fall in love with a show only to be left hanging.

    I would definitely but the DVD or on Netflix.
    Thank you!
    TONI 🙂

  15. What?! NBC cancel a show that is good? Shocker there! I am not sure why any series would even consider NBC. They are known for cancelling shows if they don’t meet the 100% watching. Hmm. “Birds Of Prey” “The Others”.. to name a few.. Were they GREAT shows? No.. but better than most shows on TV today.

  16. This is the BEST show on TV, well WAS THE BEST SHOW… I cant believe it is over and i even more cant believe that it was cancelled! The set up for the sencond season was SO GOOD! PLEASE PICK up this Show! PLEASEE

  17. I loved the series and the finale was amazing! I definitely wasn’t expecting a whole planet to be transported. Really hoping Netflix picks it up!

  18. I watch only one show and it’s THE EVENT.

    Awesome show. Loved the season finale last night.

    Somebody pick up this series! I don’t want it to end.

  19. I’m on board. I’ve been meaning to try Netflix. If they pick up The Event, I’ll have an excuse. Here’s hoping.

    Someone should post some place we can email or mail to give the show support.

  20. does anyone know where i can find a forum for this show. a forum where they discuss the meanings behind certain events in this show and where people discuss the meanings behind what is going on in the show? i noticed most forums just discuss the cancelation or not cancelation of the show. i want to see forums where people actually try to analyze what is going on in the show. please send me a link if you know of any. [email protected]

  21. I too am a huge fan of The Event and was heartbroken to hear about it’s cancellation. I must say that I am cautiously encouraged that it might be picked up by Netflix. I would lve to see more. I couldn’t wait to get home on Mondays to see The Event! Even my husband got hooked on it! I think it’s a sad state of our culture that most of the shows on TV now are trashy reality shows. There are still lots of people looking for REAL (not reality) TV! Thats why I spend most of my TV time watching channels like TVLand, et. al. Are you listening networks?

  22. i really wish that someone will pick up the series. all the good shows get cancelled after only one season. such as ABC’s 2006 show Invasion.
    if netflix picks it up i would definitly would get netflix services
    please dont let the story of the event end…

  23. I really LOVED this show. I am hoping that someone picks it up. I loved the various plot lines and absolutely hated Jarvis! 🙂 It was gripping all the way through and I can’t believe there’s a chance I won’t see the continuation of the show. I LOVED how it the finalé ended! Home!

  24. Michael – if there is enough interest to start a forum for the series despite it’s cancellation – I’d love to start one here. I just want to make sure there’s enough interest first. I’d love to debate and analyze the meaning of the show. 🙂 And Robert – I loved LOVED Invasion. That was a series that just needed a little more time to grow I think. It had a fantastic plot and a great cast. And sadly, a painful cliffhanger for those of us that were fans. I was really sad to see that one go.

  25. My husband and I so got hooked on this show. It’s got a great cast and writing. Yes it’s about aliens but it is different than other shows out there with all it’s twists and turns. I felt like I was watching a movie instead of a tv show. The finale was GREAT and I would love for this show to continue. I want to know what the Event is and where they go from here…

  26. I LOVE THE EVENT!!!!! What an amazing show. Anyone who didn’t like it is a dumbass dip**! I am absolutly outraged that it got cancelled, but people still watch stupid ** like Jersey Shore, and all the other “**” on tv. Wake up world. The Event ruled! GOD I hope Netflix picks up this series.

  27. the reason shows like this get cancelled is because networks are looking for the next big reality show witch i feel is killing of sci-fi programs, this is is further hindered by this mid-season pause, like SGU (stargate universe)people lose interest in them, the event was one of the best shows to come out of the US in a while and it is a sad thing it has been cancelled also networks need to come up with a way to compete with the internet as i am from the uk a series like the event comes out later here and i prefer to watch it online without any adverts, Jamg88 UK

  28. I thought it was pretty good. It was one of the highlights of our week!! Disappointed that we didn’t know it was going to be over…and that it might be cancelled.

  29. I am glad to hear that someone might continue the show!
    It would be a mess if it ended the way it did!

    We need to have it going on! The show is AWESOME!! Keep it up!

  30. My husband and I LOVED The Event! The finale ROCKED! Frustrating to think NBC could not see the potential!

  31. The Event was intelligent and entertaining. I am sad to see NBC has canceled such a quality show that was well written, well made, and well stocked with talented actors. I prefer shows like this that actually require attention to the trend of fast paced sound bites found in reality tv. While reality tv may be quick and cheaper to make, most of it is really just trash that downgrades our expectations and attention spans. Am very disappointed that NBC chose not to keep this quality show.

  32. My wife and I loved the event! I’m suprised it didn’t get picked up for season 2. Please let me know if a different network picks it up. i need to see all of Sophia’s people lol. “Event” supporter!!!