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Interview: Pop Star Charice

Interview: Pop Star Charice


We had the pleasure of getting to talk with the up and coming pop sensation, Charice. She is perhaps best known for her appearances on Oprah with her ballad, “Note to God”. But this multi-talented superstar’s recently released pop single “Pyramid,” featuring labelmate Iyaz (“Replay”), has also proved to be a huge hit. In our exclusive interview, Charice chats with us about her rise to fame, her musical influences, and her favorite experiences so far.

How did it feel when you heard your voice on the radio for the first time? Where were you?

Charice: I was in the car with my mom driving through LA and we heard “Pyramid” – WE SCREAMED! It was an amazing feeling – a feeling that most artists dream of.

You have mentioned that you want to sing and dance with Justin Timberlake. Would you ever want to do a Lonely Island video with him and Andy Sandberg?

Charice: Are you kidding – OF COURSE!

Everyone is looking forward to your long career ahead, but what has been the best moment of it so far?

Charice: The best moments have been working with the incredible people who have supported me – David Foster, Oprah, the songwriters and producers. Everyone has been so supportive. I also loved performing live with David Foster. However, I have to admit that the biggest thrill was singing with Celine at Madison Square Garden – a once in a lifetime experience!

How did you move from singing songs like “Note to God” to something more pop/R&B like “Pyramid?”

Charice: It’s a song that reaches a younger audience (Top 40) which is the music I listen to and love. I’m lucky that I can sing big ballads and pop songs. People initially think of me as the big ballad singer from Oprah but wait till they hear the album!

What is your favorite song to perform?

Charice: Pyramid!

You were born and raised in the Philippines. Is there anything about growing up there that you think influenced your music or performing?

Charice: Of course, Filipinos are known as “songbirds.” All we do all day is sing! The country is raised on David Foster songs. It’s the perfect place to grow up and learn to sing.

Did you always want to pursue a career as a performer or did you have any other plans when you were younger?

Charice: From the age of 4 this is the only thing I’ve wanted to do.

Which artists do you look up to most?

Charice: I grew up on Whitney, Celine, Mariah – now I love Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin, and many more.

What are you most looking forward to in the next couple of months?

Charice: Performing my new songs – what else!

What do you do when you have downtime? Any favorite TV shows?

Charice: I’m an internet junkie – I spend my spare time online chatting with my friends. I love horror movies too!

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  1. Thanks for Charice interview. I’m a big fan of Charice first I heard her sing goose bumps all over. I always wondering why the media have not notice this tremendous talent. She’s truly amazing. I love Celine and young Whitney and Charice has it all.


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