The Honesty Interview: Creating Honestly Good Music

Wanting to make honest music that people can relate to, The Honesty was formed after two passionate musicians found each other on cyberspace.

After leaving his former band, The Bigger Lights, Mikey Davis decided to start a new musical project.

“Tasha Gilbreath found me through Myspace, and we started working together and have been ever since,” the drummer said in an exclusive interview with FanBolt. “I decided to form this band for a lot of reasons. I have had such a great passion for music for a long time now and wanted to be a part of what inspires my life so much. I’ve had a lot of failures in other bands, and just wanted to start something honest and real. I also noticed the lack of memorability in most music today and set out to hopefully put out songs that were on a more memorable level.”

Davis best describes their music as “unique, energetic, and catchy. It’s a power punch of rock and pop that you have to move to.”

Since their establishment in September 2009, the Baltimore, Maryland based duo discovered that they have great chemistry and have not had any major problems thus far.

“We haven’t really had any issues working together yet,” Davis said. “We work very well together, and it’s been an amazing experience thus far. We can’t wait to see what’s to come.”

When searching for new songs to write, vocalist Gilbreath draws inspiration from experiences she had growing up. She and Davis both agree that the music that they have listened to has been their biggest influence for their passion.

“We don’t really have a process of writing music” Gilbreath said. “If either of us comes up with an idea, we bring it to the table and try and hash it out until it’s a song. We also write songs together at certain times, so anything is possible really.”

The unsigned band is enjoying the freedom and not being pressured by a record label.

“The worst thing [of not being signed with a label] would probably have to be how much better promotion could be for us if we were a signed band,” Gilbreath said, “and all they could do for us in that aspect.”

Having finished work on their debut EP, The Honesty could do with some more press with its anticipated release this spring, but they are hard at work promoting the album they are so proud of.

“It’s a big accomplishment,” Gilbreath said. “We put in so much time, dedication, and hard work into it. It is quite an amazing feeling.”

“Writing the album was so much hard work,” Davis said. “We’re so excited with how it turned out. We work very well together and knew exactly what we were going for, so it wasn’t too difficult completing the album.”

“It’s pretty hard to pick one [favorite song from the album],” Gilbreath said, “but if I had to it would be our ballad called ‘In the Shadows.’ I felt that song impacted me lyrically more than any song I’ve ever written. I felt I didn’t hold back anything when I wrote that song.”

“It’s really hard to choose a favorite song because I really love every single one,” Davis said. “But if I HAD to choose which song is my favorite it would be our opener ‘Warning!’ because I love how great a statement it makes as an opener.”

Before planning and embarking on a tour, Davis and Gilbreath plan to add more members to The Honesty’s line-up.

“The biggest things we look for are experience, talent, writing capabilities, and most importantly, that they like and want to play our music,” said Davis.

Until they set out on a tour, they plan to play some shows over the next few months. Both members of The Honesty agree that their favorite part of playing live shows is when the people in the crowd are having a great time singing, moving and dancing along to their music.

A two song sampler is currently available on iTunes to hold fans over until their debut EP The Things We’ll Never Know is released in the spring.

“We plan on touring for the rest of 2010 once we have our line-up and who knows what our future holds after that, but we hope for nothing but the best!”

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Article by: Kim Gallagher


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