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Heroes on Parade: Creating Music Fans of All Ages Can Enjoy

Heroes on Parade: Creating Music Fans of All Ages Can Enjoy


Having come a long way since their high school days, six friends have been seriously buckling down and taking their music to a higher level.

Bass player, Mike Zanger says that band has changed a lot since their first assembly and those changes have added to their success.

“We’ve lost one member and added three others,” Zanger said. “[We] went from a guy singer to a girl singer and have gained a lot of experience. Overall, the band has been entirely revamped.”

Keyboardist Joe McClure best describes Heroes on Parade as “a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

The unsigned band is using the experience they have acquired to overcome the struggles they face by not being signed to a record company.

“We don’t always have enough money to do what we want to do,” Zanger said. “That’s the worst part. The best part is that we don’t have a label telling us what to do.”

“Sometimes it can be difficult to get your name out there without [the help of] a label,” guitarist Max Branson said. “But we’ve been working extra hard to get it out there even without one.”

The “Heroes” have been working hard to organize press kits which they will be sending out soon in hopes of getting more exposure.

“We’re definitely looking for a label to support and promote us,” McClure said. “But which label that will be? We’re not sure just yet. We’re going to wait until we find the perfect deal for us.”

Until they find the right record deal, the members of Heroes on Parade have several accomplishments to add to their resume. They have earned vast amounts of radio play, performed for the Gap’s 40th Anniversary Celebration and are well-known in their home state of Michigan. In 2009, they also had the opportunity to play at the Vans Warped Tour.

“It was very surreal to get to eat lunch with all the musicians I listened to and went to see when I was growing up,” said drummer Ben Ondreyka.

Branson said he had a blast playing the Warped Tour. If he could play shows like for their fans everyday, it would make him ecstatic.

The summer of 2009 was busy for Heroes on Parade. Not only did they perform on the Warped Tour, they also worked overtime to self-release their album.

“Recording was a ton of fun,” said Branson. “We went to Mat Halliday of Minx Studios who had previously recorded Fireworks, and we had an excellent experience. It took us a week to track everything. From there we had to get artwork made up while everything was being mixed and mastered.”

“When all of that was done, we got the album pressed,” Zanger added. “Where we had problems was with the digital distribution. Due to lack of communication, it took forever to finally get the CD on iTunes.”

Now that their album is widely available, the Heroes are looking forward to their fans pumping their distinctive music through their speakers.

“We just want to make music that you can rock out to whether you’re 15 or 65,” Ben said.

“I feel that our music doesn’t really sound like any other band,” Branson said. “I think it’s pretty special.”

McClure said that no one in the band sits back and waits for things to happen. “We are all active participants when we create our music.”

“We have a unique sound,” guitarist Bryan Gill said. “Everybody is on the exact same page musically, and we all vibe off each other really well.”

Another reason why their band differs is because their “hair doesn’t sweep to the right and flip to the left,” Zanger said jokingly.

The other member performing alongside the boys of the band is Jenny Ondreyka, the lone female. Jenny said that she does not feel any pressure from being the only girl.

“There aren’t a lot of girls in our scene,” Jenny said. “I don’t feel like I need to keep up with anybody. Although, the boys are really gross, so it is hard to keep up with the farts. It’s really hard to smell as bad as they do.”

“It’s true,” Ben defenselessly agreed.

Jenny received a flattering remark from fellow female rocker, Hailey Williams from Paramore.

“One of our fans posted one of my videos to Hailey’s Live Journal,” Jenny said. “She saw it and complimented the song and my voice. It was pretty cool.”

The “Heroes” love being on the road and are currently working on setting up tour dates across the country.

Gill looks forward to being on the road with his best friends and playing music every single night. He said while the “Heroes” tour, it is the most enjoyable thing in his life.

Ben has a solution to prevent the band from eating unhealthy while on tour.

“We’re bringing a grill in the trailer so we can avoid fast food,” Ben said. “We don’t want to get so fat that we can’t fit in the van.”

During their tour, Branson is excited to meet new fans in places that they’ve never been before.

Until their fans can see the “Heroes” spring into action onstage this summer, their music can be heard by visiting and can also be purchased on iTunes and other online retailers.

Article By: Kim Gallagher



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