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Home Music Heavy Lies the Crown Interview: Band Turns Hobby into Potential Career
Heavy Lies the Crown Interview: Band Turns Hobby into Potential Career

Heavy Lies the Crown Interview: Band Turns Hobby into Potential Career


Serious about turning their favorite pastime into a career, Heavy Lies the Crown is an unsigned California based band that is working hard to break into the music industry.

The pop rock band says that their music is a mixture of their own creativity and influences from different musical styles and a wide assortment of bands.

“As a band, we have a wide variety of musical influences,” lead guitarist Ryan Justice said in an exclusive interview with FanBolt, “anything from [pop singer] John Mayer to [hardcore bands such as] the Acacia Strain. Drawing from all these different influences helps us to create a unique sound.”

That “unique sound” is created by vocalist John Tunger and two pairs of brothers. The Justice brothers consist of Ryan and bassist Sean. The Dwyer brothers are Pat on rhythm guitar and Ian on drums. Each member of this five piece band has an important role that is vital to their existence.

“When it comes to writing, our guitar player Pat and I write all the music,” Ryan said. “As a band, we sit down and critique it to make it something we all like. After the songs are done, our singer John writes his own lyrics [to the music]. As far as the money management and business aspects go, our drummer Ian and bass player Sean take care of that.”

Because two members of the band are still in high school, Heavy Lies the Crown have played local shows and have not had an opportunity to tour.

“Both school and the band are of equal importance to us, so we try to make as much time for both as we can,” Ryan said. “[But] when summer comes, we plan on going on a U.S. tour.”

As they are touring across the country, have their debut EP to perform for their rapidly expanding fan base.

“We have always tried to make music that people would enjoy and we are glad that it is catching on so quickly,” Ryan said. “It feels weird to have people we don’t know buying our shirts and CDs from across the U.S. and telling us how much they like our music. We bring a refreshing combination of genres to the table and we don’t sound like everyone else out right now. So it’s a breath of fresh air for people who are sick of talentless bands.”

At the same time Heavy Lies the Crown continues to write music and plan a nationwide tour, they are also trying to revitalize music in their neighborhood. They claim that the music scene in their area has died out, which in turn, becomes another source of inspiration for them.

Looking toward the future, the boys are very anxious to see what will come.

“Since we just released out EP, we have sent it to a few labels, hoping to get picked up by one and release a full length [album],” Ryan said. “We are very excited for what is to come and are grateful for all the support we have received.”

The guitarist had one last message for his fans.

“Keep checking our Myspacefor shows and tour information,” Ryan said. “If you like what you hear, you can pick up our CD and a shirt at our merchandise store

Interview by: Kimberly Gallagher


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