Amber Tamblyn Checks Into ‘House’

Actress Amber Tamblyn opened up earlier this week on her long-awaited debut on Fox’s hit show House. The star talks about her character, memorable set moments and much more…

“I didn’t do any medical research [for the show]. I did episode by episode research. So, if something was involving Small Pox, then I would look that up. If there was a specific word that I didn’t know – which was 90% of the words – I would look up that and see what it meant. As far as the on-set training; when you’re trying to do something like draw blood or I.V.’s, there’s a woman there, who is incredible. She used to be a nurse for many, many years and she does all the teaching. That’s the training. There was no reading anything beforehand,” Amber’s responds after being asked what research she did for the show.

Tamblyn continues to reveal that her character is based on a real-life best friend of hers, stating: “The character of Martha Masters was originally just an idea. David Shore and Katy Jacobs had come to me and said, “Hey, we want to write a character for you. Are you interested?” I said, “Yes!” Then, it wasn’t until I signed on to do a bunch of episodes that I finally got to see the script. It was a very personal thing to me because my character is based on my real-life best friend, who is a med student and whose real name is Martha Masters. In fact, they made her sign a release that she wouldn’t sue Fox. It’s pretty hilarious.”

When asked what fans will see and learn of her character Martha, Tamblyn says: “I think you’re going to see someone who has been so much in the world of academia and the world of knowledge – and accumulating knowledge – that she really never progressed or matured in a social sense. So, you’re going to see someone that has a hard time communicating
on some of the most basic levels.I think you’re going to see her try to come into the real world, for the first time, and it’s going to be really intense for her.”

And of course, fans have all wondered just what goes on during shooting of the show – well, Tamblyn gets a little into that when she talked about some of her most memorable moments on-set, stating: “There’s so many, but they’re so tiny. I love the fact that Omar Epps is always getting “food truck” for everybody. It’s very great for our crew. They’re always bringing food on the set, like special things. It’s like a very happy and great atmosphere. Omar will always go, “Hey, Amber. I’m going to go get something from Rock Sugar, do you want something?” and we’ll end up getting a huge thing of food for everybody. It’s a very, very friendly crew and cast.”

Amber goes on to note that Hugh Laurie was a big part of her appeal to the show, and that performing CPR probably won’t be a problem for her now due to all the medical knowledge she acquired during shooting.

So set your DVR’s fans, the actress makes her debut as an uberbrilliant med student named Martha M. Masters tonight, Nov. 8th, at 8pm! Will you be watching?

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