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Interview: Kate Earl

Interview: Kate Earl


We had the pleasure of chatting with Kate Earl about her music, her pets, and her hobbies. Here what she had to say:

You grew up in Alaska? Can you tell us down south what it’s like up there?

Kate Earl: You feel very small standing at the foot of a mountain. During the summer months the sun doesn’t set, and in the far north – during the winter the sun doesn’t come up. Everyone grows up being pretty outdoorsy. Hiking, camping, canoeing, rafting, inner tubing, riding ATV’s and horses, snow mobiles, sledding, skiing or snowboarding, building fires and cleaning fish that sort of thing…

When did you know that music was your passion?

Kate Earl: When I was 17, I was volunteering at my college radio station and wanted to make a record.

Do you have any musical artists that have been major influences?

Kate Earl: When I was 17, I was inspired by Fiona Apple, Lauryn Hill and Bjork. I really love Stevie Wonder and Martha Bass.

You seem to love dogs and have owned a few, have all of them been rescued?

Kate Earl: I do love dogs. I grew up near sled dogs and would hear them barking or howling at the moon, I also had a husky as a little girl. Since coming to California, 2 of my dogs were rescues, the first one passed away, the second one I helped place in a forever home and my new one was adopted.

I saw on your Twitter that you also help other dogs find good homes. How involved in dog rescuing are you?

Kate Earl: I really only spread awareness and do referrals for adoptions and perform at fundraisers.

How have you grown musically since you started this industry?

Kate Earl: Absolutely. I have had the opportunity to co-write and learn from some of the biggest song writers in the biz. I’ve worked with incredible musicians and producers. Growth was inevitable.

Which song is the most meaningful or most personal to you?

Kate Earl: That’s a hard question to answer because each song has a different meaning for me. Why? If I had to pick just one it would probably be “All I Want” because it’s the intention behind my work.

If you had to describe your sound in 3 words, what would they be?

Kate Earl: Soulful Lilting Pop.

When you’re not working on music, what are your favorite things to do?

Kate Earl: I love to cook, food is life. Is it terrible that I sometimes do themes? Like make spaghetti and meat balls and watch westerns. It’s not always that kitch. I will take on different food lifestyles from time to time including raw and vegan. Mostly I enjoy cooking from different parts of the world, Moroccan Tagine one night, Alaskan smoked salmon chowder another night, Cuban corn, cheesy grits and shrimp with lima bean salad another, you get the picture.

I travel as often as I can. The last big trip was to Paris, Rome and Venice. It was indescribably inspiring being around the architecture, art and landscapes. From LA I get away to the mountains or the desert or the beach as often as possible. I’m about to camp in Sedona Arizona and do a day-trip to hike a bit in the Grand Canyon. I also really like to get lost in old libraries. These things feed the music.

Interview By: Jessica Mahn

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