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Interview: Ludo

Interview: Ludo


We recently had a chance to talk with the band Ludo on their Atlanta stop of their current tour. We put together some questions that the fans wanted to know, and here’s what we found out!

How’s the tour so far?

Andrew: It’s been really great so far.

Tim C: It’s been a great tour so far!

Have you guys thought about an international tour?

Tim F: We think about it all the time; nearly daily.

Andrew: Yeah, we’ve definitely thought about it.

Matt: It’s crossed the mind.

Have you had the opportunity to go?

Tim C: We’ve been to Canada.

Matt: Is that international?

Yes, it’s international.

Matt: Then we’ve done it!

Tim C: We’ve been to Canada; we want to conquer Canada first!

Where’s the one place overseas that you want to go?

Tim F: Japan.

Andrew: Japan would be great.

Tim C: Yeah, I think we want to play in Japan.

Tim F: Why not, right?

Tim C: It’s just so…

Matt and Tim F: Japanese!

I asked some fans for some of the questions that I’ve included; one of the questions was if you do any pranks while on tour?

Andrew: Poop in the pillow! Classic poop in the pillow.

Tim F: Not so much pranks as berating each other.

Andrew: Yeah, there’s beration.

Tim F: Fun berating. Things like, when someone walks off the stage, “Hey, man, you’ll get ’em next time!”

What determines the songs you play on tour?

Tim C: The setlist, which is written down. That’s how we tell—that’s how we know what songs.
Andrew: It makes itself.

Tim F: It’s a complex matrix involving chance.

Tim C: We consult that every night, and that’s how we decide what to play.

Andrew: We look into a hat and it just comes to us.

Tim F: Somehow the hat gives us the same thing every night.

Tim C: At least, so far.

If you could describe Prepare the Preparations in three words, what would they be?.

Andrew: I think we already did. Prepare, the, preparations. Presumptuous, altruistic, and, uh…

Matt: Vicarious?

Andrew: Available.

What was your favorite cartoon when you were kids?

Matt: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Andrew: Masters of the Universe

Tim F: Yeah, Masters of the Universe

Tim C: Me too.

Matt: Different generation.

Tim C: Or Transformers, but more so Masters of the Universe.

Do you have any must see television shows?

Tim F: Absolutely not.

Tim C: I really like Mad Men and Weeds.

Andrew: Mad Men, yeah.

Matt: I like HBO Sundays, but I haven’t seen it in a while.

Interview By: Jessica Mahn

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