Exclusive: Ty Stone Chats About Touring, Kid Rock, And His Upcoming Album

Ty Stone recently finished up the ‘Born Free Tour’ with Kid Rock. While on the road, he gave FanBolt a call to talk about his experience on the tour, being discovered by Kid Rock, his favorite television shows, and so much more! Check out my conversation with the charming Detroit native below!

How was your experience on tour?

Ty Stone: Oh, the tour was amazing. It’s hard to verbalize how it was. It was the experience of a lifetime, you know what I mean? You always dream that you’ll be standing on those arena stages and get to play your music for people, and we were just given the opportunity to do that. There were so many nights, I’d be standing in the middle of the arena watching Kid Rock, and I would look around and it reminded me of being in the Colosseum or something… like gladiators. Like it was years ago or something. It was really, really cool. You really do sort of go out there and have a huge battle against the crowd that has no idea who you are. No one really cares until you make ’em care.

And you were discovered by Kid Rock while you were flipping burgers right?

Ty Stone: Yeah, yeah, I was living in Los Angeles, and I was working at a bar. Meanwhile, I had sent out a demo to my friend Sam in Detroit. So one night, Sam went to a Pistons’ game, his sister had given him these seats for his birthday, and they were great seats. They’re sorta where the owner sits and Kid Rock sits over there if he comes to the game. So Sam put my demo in his shirt pocket, and Kid Rock showed up at the game. So he just worked the guts up and went over to him and said, “Hey, I’m a fan. You know, I have this CD from this kid I think you should hear it. You know, he got a lot of soul and I won’t give it to you if you’re not gonna listen to it or whatever.”

And he’s like, “Oh, I’ll listen to it.”

So he took it. Sure enough, listened to it. Next thing you know, we were on the phone, and I was freaking out. I was actually working the night he called me. I didn’t recognized the number, I figured it a bill collector or something and it went to voicemail. And then when I checked my voicemail later, I mean I wasn’t exactly in a hurry. And it was Kid Rock! He was like, “I’d like to talk to you about your future and your music.” This and that. It was on from there.

Wow, wow. I can’t imagine what that would be like to receive that phone call.

Ty Stone: It was wild fantasy become true. And then, you know, you play in the arena and you’re just like, “Wow, really?”

It’s been such an amazing experience and I feel so blessed.

What would you say is the best piece of advice that he’s giving you?

Ty Stone: Wow, he’s given me so much advice. His advice is always kind of on a day-to-day basis. You go on tour, and you watch the show every night. He kind of gives me a little critique at the end of the night and stuff. But I think the best advice he’s given me is to really stick to it and concentrate on singing. He said, “Look, you can do a lot of different stuff. You know there’s a lot of different aspects of the show and things like that, but you know you sing like no one else in the world. You always have a unique talent so you should really focus on that.”

And I have, and I think that’s it. And he also says things to mentor me, and the fact that it’s really all about the songs. “You know, you really have to pick songs that are really important. Take your time and craft those out.” And I really took that to heart. And I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing.

What song would you say you’d feel is the most personal or that you’re the most connected to off of your upcoming album?

Ty Stone: I think “American Style” is my favorite song off the record just because every word in it is true and it’s just such a real song. I also love the song “Smile.” It’s like a big piano ballad but it’s very… it really represents a lot of emotions that I have and I think everyone has. Like, I think love is always a double-edged sword, and it’s straight and it hurts. Making yourself feel better is excellent, but at the same time you’re also vulnerable. I think that’s what the song “Smile” is about, and I’ve always loved that song since the day that I wrote it.

Do you have a date right now for your album?

Ty Stone: I was gonna start going to radio in May with the single. And then we’ll have a follow-up. Hopefully, we’ll have something out by the end of the summer.

Do you feel that you write your best songs when you’re in a good place or a bad place?

Ty Stone: I’ve always written them from a sad place. I can’t think of one good song that I have written in a happy place. I was saying I was kinda bummed because I’ve been sorta chasing this girl I’ve been in love with for years and years and we’re finally together now, and I’m like super happy for months and months and months. And my girlfriend asks, “Why haven’t you written a song for me?”

And I don’t know how to tell her “Because it’s just too good.” But I feel like I have the whole catalog sorta done right. So for a minute I’ll just enjoy being happy for a second here.

If you could, or if you have to describe your sound in 3 words, what 3 words would you pick?

Ty Stone: I’d say Southern Rock Soul.

What would you say is your craziest fan experience or most memorable fan experience have been this far?

Ty Stone: Oh, that’s a good question! [Consults with other band members] Well, we do have a story…[laughs] I still have the sign. Some girl like came up to us and asked us to give her sign to Kid Rock. The sign said, “I want a kid, Kid Rock.”

She put her phone number on it, and so when we left – I would call her like during the work day, whatever, leave her a voice-mail. But I would give this really bad Kid Rock impression, and just fill it up with, “Hey, I’m Kid Rock! Got your sign. Love it.”

Finally the third time, we called her, and she answered the phone. I told her who we were and stuff. She thought that was really funny, but that was pretty cool. I was like, “Never, never give a band your phone number!”

What are your favorite television shows?

Ty Stone: Ah, I like that question. I love Californication, Dexter, House, and The Office.

So how do you feel about Steve Carrell leaving The Office?

Ty Stone: I’ve been emotionally just… it’s draining me. I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m watching every episode trying to figure out what they’re, how they’re gonna replace him or whatever. I think they should just make Dwight the boss.

So what’s next for you?

Ty Stone: Taking the band to Mexico the first week in April.

That first week is next week, so we hope they have a good time! Ty just played at SXSW a few weeks ago which he told me he was really looking forward to. So if you got to check that out, definitely leave us a comment and let us know how the show was!

I had a great time chatting with Ty, and if you haven’t checked him out, be sure to hit up his site http://www.tystonemusic.com!

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Interview By: Emma Loggins


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