Kimberly Caldwell Talks About Her New Album, American Idol, And More!

Kimberly Caldwell is probably best known as being a contestant on the second season of American Idol, but today, the starlet is releasing her first album Without Regret. FanBolt recently got a chance to talk Kimberly about her experience with Idol, her new album, her favorite TV shows and more! Check it out below!

We know you’ve been up to a lot since Idol! Can you talk a bit about the doors that opened for you and what all you been up to since the show?

Kimberly Caldwell: I was very lucky! The day after Idol I was doing an interview and was asked to be a host on Fox Sports 54321, so I took the job. That snowballed into a hosting career. From TV Guide Network to MTV I have really enjoyed doing TV. I did have to take a break because I needed to make the album I had always dreamed of. I was fortunate enough to sign with Vanguard/Capitol Records and I’m releasing a record I’m really proud of and a writer on as well. ‘Without Regret’ April 19th! Finally!

Do you feel that Idol helped to prepare you for your career?

Kimberly Caldwell: I’ve been performing since I was 5 years old and I think that all the stage time collectively has helped me when it comes to performing. Idol was definitely my ticket into Hollywood and I’ve worked steadily out here so I’m very thankful to have been part of that show.

Would you recommend that other singers go on Idol if they’re trying to make it, or try to do it on their own?

Kimberly Caldwell: The reason Idol is such a phenomenon is because it really works! One day you can be wishing you had a stage to perform on and in a couple months become a successful professional singer with publicity you can’t buy! I think if you got the goods Idol is a great chance to take. Why not? But If you get turned down you can’t just give up. It’s all about staying focused!

Describe your new album in 3 words.

Kimberly Caldwell: Human, Empowering, and Autobiographical

What were your main sources of inspiration for the new album?

Kimberly Caldwell: The album definitely represents me as a person. It shows every side of my personality and gives you a chance to get to know me through different struggles and obstacles that I write about or sing about. Real emotions and life experiences set the tone for my record.

What song off your album do you feel is the most personal? Can you explain?

Kimberly Caldwell: “Say Love” is definitely a favorite. I think we all over-think the “L” word instead of just feeling it or saying it. It’s a toughy but life is better with love so just get over yourself and say love.

How has your sound evolved since you were on Idol?

Kimberly Caldwell: I really found my voice and my confidence with age. I wasn’t as focused as I should have been at 20/21 years old on the show. Even though I’ve been performing since I was a kid, I feel like I just recently excepted that it feels so good when I completely just let go when I sing. It’s such a release.

What has been your most memorable fan moment to date?

Kimberly Caldwell: On the Idol Tour, a guy dressed in drag came as ME! He showed up to get my attention and he sure did. Priceless.

What’s your favorite TV series?

Kimberly Caldwell: I’m a loyal fan to Grey’s Anatomy, but I just got my hands on Modern Family and I’m hooked. It’s so real.

What’s next for you once the album is released?

Kimberly Caldwell: I’m open to anything as long as I can keep performing! I would love to do a bit of everything though. I love entertaining in general whether it’s singing, acting, or hosting. Bring it on.

Interview By: Emma Loggins


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