The Electric Sons Talk Inspiration, Tour Plans and ‘Chromaesthesia’

We had the pleasure of chatting with The Electric Sons’ Andrew Miller and Ben Richards about their new EP, Chromaesthesia, which is released today. We had a number of our own questions for the guys, but you all also submitted questions via Twitter and we sneaked a few of those in as well! Check out our full interview below!

Can you talk a bit about the new EP and how it differs from your previous work?

Andrew Miller: I think the only real difference between the two is that we were able to approach writing this EP with the experiences we’ve gained since our last release. Our goals were the same this time as the last – writing the best songs we can.

Ben Richards: Yeah I feel we’ve just learned a lot since our first EP, a lot of new tricks and techniques, but we were still constantly in over our heads trying to figure out how to get the sounds we wanted.

How long have you been working on the new EP? What were the major challenges you faced with it?

Andrew Miller: We made it in about 4 months, though we’ve been toying around with some of the material for a year or so. As far as challenges, it was tough to get back into the creative mindset after such a long stretch of shows. It was tough once we were back into the studio to shift back into that personal space. But with that, we really learned a lot about what to avoid as a band. So we are better for it.

What was your main source of inspiration for the new songs?

Ben Richards: We are very sponge-like writers. Good music always has a profound effect on us and when we hear a great song we just want to write one of our own.

Andrew Miller: Life always finds its way into your work. I think our job was to simply relax and write as honestly as we could.

Any plans for a new music video yet?

Andrew Miller: Oh, we are scheming.

What inspired the new album cover art?

Andrew Miller: I went to a great exhibit at the Goat Farm in Atlanta called “Living Walls” which is an amazing organization that collects amazing artists from all over the world to turn buildings in the city into works of art. At the exhibit I ran across an artist named Louis Lambert aka @3TTMAN. His work is incredible (be sure to check it out!) and he was gracious enough to allow us to use one of his images.


What is your favorite song from the new EP? – @Gina Ravuth

Andrew Miller: Revolutionist. Its a really great mix of energy and imagery.

Ben Richards: I’m partial to Places. I’d wanted to do something with sort of a hip-hop feel for a while and it was a blast to work on.

Are you planning on touring after the release of this EP? If so, where? – @austen_cooley

Andrew Miller: Absolutely. We are working a tour with another great band through the midwest and south-east. We are also aiming at some great festivals.

What’s your favorite color? – @WhoIsKaylee

Andrew Miller: Gotta be blue.

Ben Richards: Atomic tangerine.

Chromaesthesia is out today! Visit The Electric Sons on Facebook!


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