Jeff Bates Album Review

Jeff Bates self titled album is one of the most solid to come out of Nashville for some time. From track 1 to 13 Bates lets the listener get a peek into his life. Not only is Bates genuine but his songs range from upbeat, “A Country Girl Can,” to slower love songs, “One Thing.” Bates certainly shows off his versatility on the disc. Between the reminiscent “Chevy Don’t Let Me Down,” about, what else, his beloved Chevy, to the spiritual “He Wasn’t Like Us,” Bates has given his audience a different feel on every track. Not only is he a talented vocalist but he also co wrote ten of the 13 tracks. One of the best tracks on the disc “Riverbank,” is about losing a loved one, something everyone can relate to. “I knew I wanted to put ‘Riverbank’ on the album, it was such a personal song,” Bates said.

Many of the tracks have that personal feel, all of Bates writing is inspired by events that he has gone through. “I took bits and pieces from my life,” he said. When it comes to picking a favorite song off the album Bates can’t decide between any of them. “That’s like asking me which kid’s my favorite.”

Many of the songs on the disc have the sound of future singles. Bates has tackled the very difficult task of making a solid country album that’s ready for radio play but at the same time has stayed true to his roots. There’s no question, though, that Bates number one priority is his fans. “I think I have the best fans in the world. They’re more like friends and family, they kind of hold you up and inspire you to be the best you can be.” If you’re a fan of good country music then Bates album is a must have for any collection.


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