Saturday Night Shakedown

“Better Than Hollywood” by Saturday Night Shakedown

It’s rare to find a CD that I want to listen to consistently. But I don’t have that issue with Saturday Night Shakedown’s debut EP. Ever since I bought it and put it on my iPod, it’s been on repeat and I’ve found myself absolutely in love with the band and their CD.

Their CD is available though iTunes or can be picked up at one of their shows; which I highly advise seeing them live if you get the chance. I’ve been to a lot of concerts, professional musicians and those no where near perfect, but being at an SNS show is truly a unique experience. These four boys have more energy than the crowd itself. And believe me; their crowds are not small, and their highly active fans had more than enough energy.

The boys of SNS are true entertainers. When in the spotlight, all eyes on them and they make themselves known. When performing, Josh Mondro owns the stage. His vocals will make anyone’s heart melt as soon as he hits the mic and starts to sing along with Mike Reed whose shredding guitar riffs make your jaw drop and think “I can’t believe that he just did that!”

Along side the two front boys is John Estupigan on bass guitar. This dynamic kid will always catch your eye while he’s on stage. John can be seen jumping off amplifiers, spinning around while strumming on his guitar or playing back to back with another band member with a smug grin on his face. And as usual, holding the beat down is their drummer, Justen Snow. Even though he is behind all the action, Justen definitely shines through, mostly because his arms and legs never cease to stop moving as he keeps the band rhythmically together.

The same energy from their shows can definitely be felt when listening to “Better Than Hollywood.” Edging away from the typical pop rock sound, SNS has the perfect blend of harder beats mixed in with captivating vocals and lyrics. Their passion for their music can be felt while listening to their first LP. It makes you want to pick up your air guitar and rock out in your living room with them. The boys have compiled five catchy tunes that are bound to get stuck in your head all day, but in a good way.

This Michigan based band has been together for about a year, but you wouldn’t know that just by hearing them. I would say that they are a good mixture of The Starting Line, Fall Out Boy, and anything else that completely tickles your fancy. After you pick up their EP, be sure to check SNS’s Myspace page ( for their current “It’s About That Time Tour” and see when they will be in an area near you!

Rating: A
Reviewed by Kim Gallagher


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  1. Saturday Night Shakedown is an AWESOME band to see live! I saw them when they were on tour! Everyone should listen to them because they ROCK!!