Walk Harbor City ‘Three Colors’ EP Review

Not much is known about Walk Harbor City, but after hearing their latest EP, one thing is for sure, that these boys are here to stay on the music scene.

The rock band is composed of singer and guitarist, Rocco D’Angelo, Mark Canole on bass guitar, Brian Ostrowski on guitar and vocals, and drummer Sean Noyes.

Their newest EP, Three Colors, can be seen as their “real” introduction to the music world because the boys of Boston have put together three solid songs that are truly amazing. For me, it was hard to compare Walk Harbor City’s album to any other band because there is something that is truly unique about them. But if I had to choose, I would say that they sound like the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus combined with Taking Back Sunday.

D’Angelo, Canole, Ostrowski and Noyes seem to have found the perfect blend of genuine guitars riffs, concrete drumbeats and vocals that fans of any genre will downright enjoy and the rock community will appreciate. By listening to their professional sound found in Three Colors, you will be utterly surprised when you find out that they are an unsigned band.

The only thing that is missing from this band is exposure. Once their music reaches your ears, you will more than likely find yourself wanting to hear more.

I am really looking forward to hearing more from Walk Harbor City in the future. Until then, all I can say is that they are easily becoming one of my favorite new bands. And that is after only listening to their three song EP.

Three Colors is available now on Napster, Rhapsody and iTunes.

Official Walk Harbor City Site: www.myspace.com/walkharborcity

Review By: Kimberly Gallagher


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